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Below is user information for 420>>Sm0ke.*.wEEd.*.evEryday<<420. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:b0b_marley (727305)
Bio:Name: Kylie
Nick Name: Ky, Mouse, Kyle, Kodie
Sex: Clit and Boobies
Age: 15 almost 16 baby!!! lol!
Siblings: Brian-27 Sean-25 Shae-24
Status: Kinda Single lol
Pets: Cat spike!
Height: 5'1"... yes i kno im short
Natural Hair Color: Medium Brown
Eye Color: Golden Brown
Writing Hand: I'm a righty!!

Nervous Habits: Playing with my hair or my earings/necklace
Do you bite your nails? No cuz they are fake lol
Tattoos? None yet.
Piercing? my ears.. soon my belly button
Do you make your bed daily? yes!! lol!
What goes on first, panties or socks? panties first!
Which shoe goes on first? um... right?
What jewelry do you wear 24/7? My cross necklace my mommy bought me.
What's sexiest on a guy? eyes, smile, hair, arms, ass, um.. just about everything! lol!
What's sexiest on a girl? eyes, and smile.
Favorite Piece of Clothing: um.. i like all my clothes.
Pajamas: Tank top and panties!
What's your favorite beverage? Tequilla, vodka, and cherry vanilla dr. pepper
How often do you brush your teeth? 5 times a day
How often do you shower/bathe? 2 times a day
How long does your shower last? 30 min.
Animal: Tiger
Food: Chicken strips, spaghetti, corn bread!
Month: June cuz of my bday, and April cuz of 420!
Color: hot pink
Holiday: 4th of july! big time partying!!
Interests:139: 420, alcohol, aol, april, asses, atlanta, babies, baths, beer, bentley, blue eyes, blurty, bob marley, boobs, boys, britney spears, brunettes, bubbles, bud weiser, butterfly, california, cancun, cars, cds, cell phones, cheating, cherries, chicken, chocolate syrup, computers, condoms, cooking, corvette, diamonds, dicks, dmx, eamon, eating, fake nails, ferrari, food, friday, friends, g-strings, girls, good charlotte, green, gum, harleys, high heels, highlights, hip hop, hollister, italian, italy, jake, jamaica, jermaine dupri, june, juvenile, kamikaze, kanye west, kissing, legs, lip gloss, lip stick, lips, lotion, love, mall, mascara, mexico, missouri, money, mouth wash, movies, music, nelly, ocean, one love, oral sex, ozzy, p.o.d., panties, party, peircings, pepsi, perfume, pink, pink roses, pizza, playboy, porshe, pretty, puddle of mudd, purse, r&b, rap, red, red hot chilli peppers, rings, rock, saturday, school, sean paul, sex, sex on the beach, sexy, shopping, showers, sicily, sluts, spanish, stoners, strawberry, sublime, summer, sun, sunsets, sweet, swim suits, swimming, tanning oil, tattoos, tequilla, thongs, tigers, toby, tongues, trucker hats, vacation, victorias secret, vodka, weed, whip cream, white roses, xtina, yellow, zebra print
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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