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Below is user information for mic swinger. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:azuresunset (489079)
Name:mic swinger
Location:ellington, Connecticut, United States
AOL IM:tatoumysoul333 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:My name is matt. My profession for life is probably mic swinging (a little TBS joke). I'm madly in love with vanessa, she's all you could want in a girl and more. I think about her most of my day, she's my inspiration to suceed. She's what i breathe. Anyways, that makes me unavailable to everyong. No senips for me....some will get it. Well, i write and work for a living. The method of poetry is very functional to someone to understand the motion of life. It takes up most of my free time not spent losing myself through my college, and talking to vanessa. If you wanna talk, im me at tatoumysoul333, i'm also a big fan of later.
Interests:83: "mexico", 50 cent(joke), 80's music, a life of love, alcoholics, apple ciders, banjos, brand new, buttons, chuck palahaniuk, claudio sanchez, coheed, coheed and cambria, comedy., concerts, counterfit, ct, cutting crew, dane cook, dickies, dilbert, dr. pepper, emo glasses, emo music, emo(hate that word), endless love, etnies, fallout boy, family guy, flashlight training for cranberries, frankie muniz, further seems forever, glenn humplik, good charlotte, green tea, hitting a high note, honey soaked blueberries, hot rod circuit, in reverent fear, independence, jeremy hotz, jesse lacey, johnny depp, jolly green giant, judo, love is fun., mario tortellini, mc hammer, music, my girlfriend, nick swardson, parachute pants, phil collins, phone calls, poetry, purple people eaters, red summer rescue, reebok, saves the day, serenade, shiotaka, snowcones, snuggling, someone's gavina, soul searching, sour starbursts, tacos, taking back sunday, tatou, tattoos, the cleveland cavaliers, the crowing, the december drive, the dictionary, the puzzle place, the real world, thoughts, thrice, toaster stripping guava cocktail, tom green, vanessa, vanilla creme frappuccinos, video games
Friends:5: 70times7, beautiful___, erycherry, takernotagiver, xfourletterlie
Friend of:2: beautiful___, takernotagiver
Account type:Free User

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