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User:ayu_shinichiro (62137)
Location:New York, United States
AOL IM:Ayu Trance X (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Look at the sky, she's shining, Venus in Paradise
(Put your hands up to the sky, to the paradise)
Kumo wo yaburi Venus in Paradise
(You can dance all night yo, saa hora tobidasou
It's final flight)
Asa ni hikaru hoshi mitsukete
(For you to follow, there is tomorrow, oh just so fine)
Kisu wo shiyou Venus in Paradise
(Come on, get move on, don't stop & groove on
Boryuumu saikou)
She's waiting for you, come and dance
- Venus in Paradise; MOVE

Name: Ayumi Shinichiro
Birthday: May Twenty-Fifth
Age: Twenty-one
Hair Color: Naturally dark brown/black, but always changing. Currently, its a golden blondish hue
Eye Color: Dark brown/black
Height: Five Foot Two
Weight: One hundred and ten pounds
Origin: Kyoto, Japan
Element: Water and Air
Color: Greens and Blues
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Sibling: cam_shinichiro
Major: Computer Programming
Minor: Visual Communications and Fashion Design
College: northbrooks_rpg

The WeatherPixie

[ PB is Ayumi Hamasaki. I am not her, nor do I have any sort of copyright for her. She's a lovely young woman who I am simply using as a character. ]
Interests:38: accessories, anime conventions, beads, being spontaneous, celestial stuff, chains, clothes, coconut ice cream, comedies, computers, cosplay, costumes, dance dance revolution, dancing, gel pens, glowsticks, graphic design, gummis, hair dye, j-pop, j-rock, l33t, leather, lip gloss, lollipops, manga, megatokyo, movies, music, pocky, raves, shoes, singing, studded bracelets, sushi, thrillers, unique fashion styles, video games
Friends:37: andie4u, audra_masters, ayu_shinichiro, ben_carter, brianna_lee, chris_warrens, clark_kentnb, daemonxbierl, dane_austin, danii_black, eveil_kevin, gemma_taylor, jason_black, johnny_noname, jorryn_hayden, justinius_vorn, kalesta_james, kaycoa_dayton, kendall_k, kiki_, locke_cortez, nbu_mods, nbu_ooc, northbrooks_rpg, riley_hayden, saraimontgomery, sean_cassidy, shilara_woods, sierra_campbell, steven_hardy, sunny_sonya, tamani_mai, ty_jacobs, willow_james, xander_hayes, _hilary_d, _mathilda
Friend of:81: adam_greene, adam_mount, aiden_maitland, alexander_grant, alexei_ivanov, alyssa_jordan, amber_valencia, amzdream, andie4u, ashley_morgan, audra_masters, ayu_shinichiro, ben_carter, beth_storms, blake_carter, bradley_king, brian_mcmillan, caleb_osbourne, calvinxdonovan, cam_shinichiro, casey_klein, charlie_levine, chris_harris, conner_martin, daddysangel, daemonxbierl, dane_austin, danii_black, dante_artois, david_harris, dory_arion, ethan_stone, gemma_taylor, gregorj_timmons, hotforyou, isabel_jones, jason_black, jason_dubois, jayson_beckman, johnny_noname, justin_regal, kadencedestinee, kalesta_james, kaycoa_dayton, kendall_k, kia_hahn, kiki_, klaus_atkinson, kody_harris, kyle_brandt, lovelyjennifer, lucie_ballard, madison_lindsay, meghan_cole, mika_duante, morgan_atkinson, m_talvarez, natalie_jameson, nbu_mods, nikolas_weiland, peter_baine, ridemejames, rissa_brooks, saraimontgomery, sara_sanders, seth_maguire, shanazell_buman, shilara_woods, sierra_campbell, skye_cobain, skylar_madden, steven_hardy, sunny_sonya, tamani_mai, terri_lirson, tyler_arinson, vince_parker, willow_james, _mathilda, _parker, _sophy_enomoto_
Member of:2: nbu_ooc, northbrooks_rpg
Account type:Early Adopter

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