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Below is user information for MaCaLLy. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:awinterstale (896820)  
Location:Massachusetts, United States
Bio:sixteen miles to the promise land.
& i promise you that i'm doing the best i can.
Interests:111: 12 monkeys, a farewell to arms, a few good men, across five aprils, afi, almost famous, american beauty, basketball diaries, batboy, batman, beautiful girls, big fish, blue velvet, boondock saints, brand new, bright eyes, broadway, buddy holly, cartoons, catcher in the rye, cats, choke, coheed and cambria, coldplay, collateral, cursive, dashboard confessional, davey havok, dawn of the dead, dead poets society, drama, east of eden, edward norton, elliot smith, ernest hemingway, fear and loathing, fight club, from autumn to ashes, full metal jacket, full metal panic, funeral for a friend, gangs of new york, glassjaw, happy tree friends, harvest moon, heart of glass, j.d. salinger, james dean, jean reno, john steinbeck, journalism, julia roberts, kicked in the head, kill bill, kind of like spitting, lord of the flies, lost in translation, love, luc besson, mark twain, marlon brando, meg ryan, mineral, musical theater, natalie portman, natural born killers, night, of mice and men, orchid, photography, poetry, poison the well, prozac nation, pulp fiction, rebel without a cause, rent, requiem for a dream, reservoir dogs, rilo kiley, saetia, shallow grave, sin city, suicide club, superman, sweeney todd, the academy is, the bell jar, the crucible, the dark crystal, the great gatsby, the hulk, the never ending story, the professional, the promise ring, the punisher, the scarlet letter, the shawshank redemption, the used, thrice, thursday, to kill a mockingbird, true romance, underoath, unearth, virgin suicides, war, weapons, wilco, wolfs rain, writing, zelda
Friends:8: cheapnovelty, disp0sable_her0, emolyrics, poetic_motion, spiritedaway73, universalis, unsent, wtf_420
Friend of:4: allforyoux, cheapnovelty, disp0sable_her0, poetic_motion
Member of:2: emolyrics, unsent
Account type:Free User

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