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Below is information about the "Want an amazing layout?" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:awesome_layouts (841243)
Name:Want an amazing layout?
Location:Pennsylvania, United States
About:layouts arent the only thing that we can make .. we can also make banners and friends only signs!!

Do you want an awesome looking layout? Then make a layout request here!!

I am also looking for members to join the layout making team, these people will answer requests and create layouts for the people who would like them.

Team ::

Me<3 brittany (x0tear_dropx0)
screen name: beautyprep101
Email :

screen name : amixwegz

1.To request a layout you will need to use the request form below, if you just post without it, it is more than likely your request will not be fulfilled.
2.If you accidently double post then please go back and delete one of the entries, it is a pain for me to delete them, i like to encourage members to be more independant
3. please respect other members and their requests.Just because you don't like their choice of layout/icon etc, doesn't mean that you can start an arguement or anything like that. I will delete comments i see like that
4. Anyone can become a member of the layout team, as long as they can make layouts that is. If you want to be on the team then there are certain team rules that you have to follow:
*You must fulfill one layout a week, this is due to the fact that there are a lot of requests posted into the journal that need to be fulfilled.
(These team rules will be updated as the community gets bigger). To become a member of the team you will need to email me with the subject line "team". If you email me without that in the subject line then your email will more than likely be deleted because it will be considered as junkmail.
5. Pornographical layout requests Will not be done.
6 .don't im/e-mail us asking for a layout. post in the community because we actually look there unlike some other layout communities

Request form:
Text box left, centre or right?
Comment links?
Text colours?
Mood of layout?
aim, aol,email:
Interests:13: abercrombie and fitch, beaches, etc., friends, hollister, louis vuitton, making communitys, making icons, making layouts, money, movies, shopping, summer
Members:41: baybeegurrlxo0x, beautiful_eyes, beforeyou_, c0oki3_m0nster, cadillac_, dazzled1, devilici0us, freezebaby, girlwithissues_, imxwithxyou, jewellerytears, kerry_xo21, kirst53, leaxmarie, lildevil7, lilrockr9, lose_contr0l22, miniskiirt, moocow565, nichole__, oox_bre_xoo, promises_, puppetshow, rancideyes, shouted_secret_, summerrtime, tragicxstar45, unaccpt3d, urbanfemale, viva_la_posse, wannabhappy04, x0tear_dropx0, xlikenootherx, xo_cheer, xo_eli, xteasexmex, x_boycrazii, _imxcryingx0ut_, _jorie, _sweetrevenge_, _yourxstar_
Watched by:23: beforeyou_, c0oki3_m0nster, crimsonskies_, dazzled1, freezebaby, girlwithissues_, jewellerytears, kerry_xo21, leaxmarie, lildevil7, lilrockr9, lose_contr0l22, nichole__, oox_bre_xoo, puppetshow, rocky1171, tragicxstar45, wannabhappy04, xo_cheer, xo_eli, xteasexmex, x_boycrazii, _sweetrevenge_
Account type:Free User

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