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Below is user information for Avril Lavigne. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:avylavigne (20778)
Name:Avril Lavigne
Website:why should I care?
Location:Napanee, Ontario, Canada
AOL IM:avidly avril (Add Buddy, Send Message)

Try to Shut Me Up Tourdates!
March 3: Copenhagen
March 4: Oslo, Norway
March 6: Stockholm
March 8: Brussels
March 9: Berlin
March 10: Cologne, Germany
March 12: Munich
March 13: Milan
March 14: Zurich
March 16: Hamburg
March 17: Amsterdam
March 18: Paris, France
March 20: Birmingham, England
March 21: Manchester, England
March 22: Glasgow
March 23: Dublin
March 25-27: London
April 9: Toronto, Canada
April 15: Cleveland
April 17: Indianapolis, Indiana

April 20: St. Paul, MN
May 2: Phoenix, Arizona
May 4: Dallas
May 5: San Antonio, Texas
May 8: Duluth, Ga.
May 10: Auburn Hills, Mich.
May 13: Uniondale, N.Y.
May 15: Lowell, Mass.
May 16: Lowell, Mass.
May 17: Philadelphia
June 1: Australia
June 3: Sydney, Australia
June 4: Brisbane, Australia

[I am not really Avril. In fact, I'm faker than Cher's enitre body structure. I'm just a roleplayer, maybe you should click on the link above in order to read up on exactly what I'm doing, eh?]
Interests:30: being immature, being myself, benji, billy, britty blowing me, charlie, ev, fun, games, good charlotte, hating idiots, hating interviewers, immaturity, jess, jizzoel, kizzelly, laughter, level twenty seven, lyricism, matt, my band, not being punk, not wearing ties, paul, playing guitar, simple plan, touring, tyson, warped tour, writing songs
Friends:74: aguileraness, anna__faris, anne_hoppus, anthony_lovato, avylavigne, carabba, charismac, chasez_joshua, chhda_glibert, christinamilian, chris_gc, chuck_comeau_, cyrus_bolooki, dan_miller_o2, dita_, d_whibley, elijahjordan, emma_bunton, freelance, ginger_hurr, got_h8erade, haloxnatalie, hilary__d, j0el_madden, jay__gordon, jen_delonge, jererangel, jrt_justified, judi_halo, kari_delonge, kelly_osbourne_, leigh__moore, lovethedonna, lyssie, madden_benji_, mark_hoppus, masquerader, matthew_lovato, maybe_alicia, mccracken, mike_herrera, mr_manson, nataliepee, patcunningham, pundik_, reality_unwoven, ru_news, sarah_m, sarah__martin, sara___, shon_delonge, skye_hoppus, slim_shady_, tommy_delonge, travisbarker182, trevor_penick, tyritter, v__carlton, xbritspears, xchelle_branchx, xmatt_olearyx, _billy, _elizadushku, _jamielynn_, _kirst_dunst_, _paris_hilton, _paul, _pierre_bouvier, _sarah_gellar_, _seb_lefebvre, _shannone, __desrosiers, __hathaway, __kel__clarkson
Friend of:27: anthony_lovato, avrilness, avylavigne, beautifulxchris, britneyxspearsx, chuck_comeau_, dita_, freelance, jen_delonge, jtiimberlake, lavigne_avi, leigh__moore, matthew_lovato, mbrann, painfull_kisses, pundik_, riotgurl182, sarah_m, sara___, tom_welling01, trevor_penick, xbritspears, _paul, _sarah_gellar_, _seb_lefebvre, __desrosiers, __hathaway
Member of:4: got_h8erade, rpg_ads, ru_icons, ru_news
Account type:Early Adopter

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