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Below is user information for [watch]x[me]x[bleed]. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:avril_the_bean (87299)
Location:Fresno, California, United States
Bio:Hola, I am me, i like to chat and I like to listen to music.. anything else look below or talk to me: Friends Only Sign made by: Sugarnspice15
Interests:55: (old) korn, (old)matallica, adam carolla, afi, anderson, art, asl, bowling for soup, boy hits car, boy sets fire, boys, brad boyes, bryan mccabe, carebears, carlo colaiacovo, chatting, cowboys, crank yankers, deftones, dr.drew, finch, free shows, godsmack, gold stars, good charlotte, hockey, icons, love line, m&m's, matt stajan, mosh pits, music, mxpx, no doubt, nofx, orlando bloom, poetry, purple bunnies, rancid, sex pistols, shopping. the used, sid vicious, skittles, soad, some blink 182, star burst, stickers, street teams, sugar cult, sum 41, taproot, the man show, toronto maple leafs, trapt, white and yellow spacemen
Friends:45: ariginal_lay0ut, beyond_skin, blurty_style, brd2006, claimage, claimaplayer, claimtheirequip, emailpenpals, eyelinerz, fadingdreams, friendsonlysign, gimmieurhsc, glitter_rock, glorified_sins, ic0n_whore, info_box_me, jackie0, jap, jouraim_icons, lay0uts_, lay0ut_n_more, layitout_pretty, laypouts, lollipophope, lostforever, lostinnocence, lost_faith, michimouselova7, misscharlie, movinon, murder_avenue, mystic_icons, nonpretties, pixxy_trixxy, pretty_hearts, princess_peach, purdieful, rebelliongirl, rejected_pepsi, ripmy_heartout, socialxdisorder, suicidekitten, tantaliziing, tml_carlo, x_layouts_x
Friend of:20: gimmieurhsc, glorified_sins, i_am_spork, jackie0, lollipophope, lostforever, lost_faith, michimouselova7, movinon, murder_avenue, princess_peach, purdieful, rebelliongirl, rejected_pepsi, ripmy_heartout, skycamefalling, tml_carlo, wolf_goddess, ximperfectsoulx, xoxsunshinexox
Member of:17: ariginal_lay0ut, beyond_skin, blurty_style, claimage, claimaplayer, claimtheirequip, emailpenpals, friendsonlysign, glitter_rock, ic0n_whore, lay0uts_, lay0ut_n_more, laypouts, mostlymarilyn, mystic_icons, nonpretties, tantaliziing
Account type:Early Adopter

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