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User:avalancherebel (138565)
Name:Abelle Malfoy
Bio:"My name is Abelle Nathania Malfoy, but you should have known that by now. I'm rich, pretty, and popular, and I pack a mean left hook. This is my story."

Abelle was born in the throes of aristrocracy, pampered and spoiled. She is a member of the (in)famous Malfoy family. Unlike her cousin, Draco Malfoy, she used to attend Beauxbatons in France, before it's destruction. Her aunt, Narcissa, reccomended Hogwarts instead.

Abelle is used to the fine things in life and not into carrying her own weight. She's vain and shallow, but can be quite opinionated and insightful at times. An excellent observer, she knows how to "read" people and can spot a lie very quickly. She's good at hiding her emotions and can seem cold and heartless.

Abelle grew up close to the Dark Arts. She's not that skilled as a witch, and therefore can't preform most Dark Art's spells, but she has quite a bit of knowledge on the subject. She sees no problem with being a death eater except that killing Muggles might get her hands dirty. And blood is so difficult to get off expensive silk.
Interests:27: alcohol, annoying draco, being a bitch, being a malfoy, being a pureblood, being beautiful, being popular, being rich, boys, dark arts, dreams, erotica, evil, fashion, friends, girls, hogwarts, love, magic, makeup, money, music, potions, sex, shagging, slytherin, snogging
Friends:89: aamoderator, aa_mcgonagall, adelaide_, ad_pucey, aetasabscondita, aiden_black, ainoassassin, alice_riedel, amyhollings, ana_kostov, avalancherebel, big_black_dog, blessthechild, citywithpeople, colincreevey, daphnegreengras, darkestsoul, dark_ana, echidna_, ellabella, esarfa_seeker, euanabercrombie, fifthchild, firstchild, fourthchild, foxycare, galinadomitrov, ginntonic, golden_scarlet, greengryffindor, gryffindorbebe, gryffindorchase, gryffindormione, gryffindorrebel, hufflehannah, hufflepuffblond, ickleweasley, isobelmoon, jumperknitter, j_adore, kaitlin_bundy, katiekinsley, konstantine_l, lapsuslinguae, leejordan__, le_printemps, lifeinexile, lightening_scar, lisa_turpin, lotsaflying, lovegood, meg_kj, mikhaildimitrov, milli_bulstrode, miss_brown, miss_fawcett, miss_katie_bell, montagueiv, music_muse, nuntior, orla, perfectmandy, porpuspie, princess_pansy, purdy_kitty, ravenclawbeauty, ravenclawbelle, ravenclawpadma, raven_soul, redraine, remus_lupin_, roseinbloom, sandyclover, seajay, secondchild, serpentsortia, silver_serpant, slytherinazure, slytherinbelle, slytherinveela, starlightsin, thirdchild, tonkster, tynott, unhinged, urbanamoure, weasley__, _narcissa_, __oliver_wood
Friend of:13: avalancherebel, colincreevey, golden_scarlet, greengryffindor, gryffindorrebel, j_adore, lightening_scar, orla, ravenclawpadma, slytherinallure, slytherinazure, thirdchild, weasley__
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