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User:autumn_visions (537634)
Name:Your My Angel!Without Wings
Location:United States
Bio:This Journal is gonna be about me and my boyfriend.hehe.

My other journal [Unknown LJ tag]
Interests:104: 97', abk, acid rap, adrian, amazing jeckle brothers, amber, anti-flag, apoptygma berzerk, at all cost, bassment cuts, black, black lights, blaze, byrd, carnival of carnage, cky, coal chamber, coheed & cambria, concerts, cracked tiles, cradle of filth, cryptic collection, dark lotus, diary of dreams, eighteen visions, erica, eyeliner, fata, faygo, fishnets, freekshow, from autumn to ashes, great milenko, greenbook, hardcore, hatchet gear, hatchet man, hatchet warrior, hatchets, hatebreed, hok, homies, hopesfall, icp, ill nino, incubus, industrial, inner city posse, insane clown posse, jack off jill, juggalettes, juggalos, justin, kittie, kmfdm, korn, kristen, lamb of god, llama, love in autumn, marie, marz, mindless self indulgence, mirror mirror, mortiis, mostales, mushroom head, orgy, piercings, pink, plugs, poison the well, project pitchfork, punk, riddle box, ringmaster, shadows fall, shows, six feet under, smile empty soul, spikes, spineshank, studs, sublime, suicide & other comforts, swk, taking back sunday, terror wheel, the exploited, the wraith, theature of tragedy, this day foward, thursday, too bad you're beautiful, trace, tunnel of love, twiztid, type o negative, unloco, vanity, vnv nation, when these days end, zeromancer, zug izland
Friends:1: music_whores
Account type:Free User

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