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User:autographh (944574)
Name:Dream Is Destiny
Bio:I consitter myself a social lubricater of the dream world. Helping people become lucid a little more easier.

I'm a fucking human being. I write fuck. I think fuck. and I believe in fuck.

i believe in change. and the sand beneath my feet. I believe in belief and the 'power of attraction' *. I write my memories. memories that could of even been implanted in my brain and I never would of known if they are real or not. and even you reading my shit... you could be implanted with that memory of reading it so don't do not and never ever compare, disagree or agree with anything. but MOST OF ALL do not critisize, or make any kind of opinion over my shit. because it's my life...and it's reality.


Reference: *= The power of attraction is real human ability that allows you to attract everything that you think, write, and feel.
Friends:2: blurtysecret, emolyrics
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Account type:Free User
Date created:2006-06-29 00:54:31
Date updated:2009-11-22 12:21:55, 264 weeks ago
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