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Below is user information for Katie. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:aurgh (260775)
Website:My Deadjournal
Location:Salisbury, United Kingdom
AOL IM:BJCKCrouch (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:yo, im katie, 15 and live in gay england. I play bass guitar in a couple of bands and love it coz its amazing! hehe my bf plays electric guitar in one of the bands im in, he rox. I love music, especially with female singers. Im obbsessed with Talena Atfield, shes my idol and inspired me to play bass guitar.

I'm Not Avril

Interests:76: angry girl bands, anti avril, ballgowns, bass guitar, bc rich warlock, bif naked, black, blue hair, boys, brackish, braiding, cheese, clothes, deadjournal, distortion, dog collars, dreads, eating, ebay, edvard munch, electric guitar, fake hair, fallon bowman, finch, food, hair dye, hate, hundred reasons, idle hands, jack off jill, jessica rabbit, jessicka, kidneythieves, kittie, lace, liveonrelease, love, mercedes lander, mesh, metal, movies, murderdolls, music, otep, peircings, phil, photography, pizza, plaits, poetry, porn, purple, revenge, rock, sahara hotnights, samara, screaming, singing, sleeping, snake river conspiracy, spikes, spit, system of a down, talena atfield, talking, the haunted mansion, the moon, the ring, the usual suspects, tim burton, tobey torres, underwear, vampires, veruca salt, walking around naked, women
Friends:4: alyxthexgreat, m_a_x, soapbandit, stoned_monkey
Friend of:6: alyxthexgreat, flintsoozi, kornfreakbunny, martini_queen, m_a_x, soapbandit
Member of:1: beautifulfreaks
Account type:Free User

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