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Below is user information for Atanvarne Roquen. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:atanvarneroquen (269523)
Name:Atanvarne Roquen
Location:United Kingdom
Imagine a young woman in the process of finding of her way in life, a woman with a dark room as her past and an uncertain path as her future.

Imagine a woman trying to help the butterflies within break free of their restraining chrysalises, chained to the rocks of hopelessness but daring to dream of being free.

Imagine a woman, content to be one instead of half of two.

Imagine a woman who dreams of a better life.

You have found me.

I make no excuses for being who I am, I ask that only that you accept that I am as you see me and ask for no more.

My journal is my passage to change, it is the almanac to my past and, if I hold my strength of will, it will be my passageway to the future that I see in my dreams.

If you decide to join me for the ride you will see the many different sides of my individuality. You will be there for the peaks and the dips; we all go through this at some point or another, do not be afraid of mine.

Interests:145: acting, angelina jolie, anne rice, art, artists, avril lavigne, blood and gold, blues, books, bruce willis, carl hiaason, cartoons, cate blanchett, classical, computers, courteney cox, crazy town, creativity, day-dreaming, depression, derren brown, desperado, dido, dieting, dirty jokes, disney, dogma, dolphins, drama, drawing, dvds, elijah wood, eminem, escapism, fairies, fairy tales, fiction, fools rush in, friends, friendship, from dusk til dawn, futurarma, ghosts, giovanni ribisi, haley joel osment, harry potter, heavy metal, horoscopes, horror, hugo weaving, icons, imagination, interview with the vampire, j.r.r tolkien, jennifer aniston, jennifer lopez, jewel, jokes, julie bell, keanu reeves, kevin spacey, kirsten dunst, kylie minogue, lara croft, legolas, liv tyler, ll cool j, lord of the rings, magic, making friends, mandy moore, manga, mardi gras, mariah carey, matthew perry, meeting people, melanie c, memnoch the devil, mermaids, michael clark duncan, movies, mp3s, music, mythology, nelly furtado, new orleans, nickelback, nirvana, oceans, orlando bloom, performing, physical theatre, piercings, pink, pisces, playstation, poetry, pop, prozac, psychology, queen of the damned, quizzes, r&b, reading, rivers, rock, salma hayek, sci-fi, sex, short stories, singing, sleeping, spiderman, spirit, spirituality, star trek, stuart townsend, supernatural, surveys, tarot, tattoo's, telepathy, terry pratchett, the faculty, the fifth element, the green mile, the hobbit, the matrix, the sims, the sixth sense, the vampire armand, the vampire lestat, tracy chapman, tricks, usher, vampires, viggo mortensen, voyager, water, wolves, writing, x-men, , , ♪.
Friends:4: anne_rice, atanvarneroquen, draconid, thevampirecoven
Account type:Free User

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