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User:askus (217446)  
Name:// Better than Abby Help-alot ]
Website:Ask Us
Bio:Ok. I have created this journal in the hope that it will become a resource people will utilize to get help.

Not really.

On my personal journal, I am flooded with requests for guidance, "what would you do"s, support, etc etc. That's really annoying, so I plan to direct people here. In the future, AskUs@Blurty will have many "advisors", I'm sure. Right now, it's only me.

Please note: If a serious question is asked, I will answer it to the best of my ability. Being as I live with a psychologist, I will be able to direct people to websites, etc which may help them. However if I am asked a ridiculous question, I will give a ridiculous and most likely sarcastic answer. All questions will be posted, names are obviously optional.
Interests:18: advice, breakdowns, caustic, complete utter boredom, counsel, depression, disorders, idiot, other people's problems, problems, sarcasm, sarcastic, sardonic, secrets, self-help, stupid, support, you
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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