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Below is user information for Ashteth Templesmith. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:ashteth (710591)  
Name:Ashteth Templesmith
Location:Manchester, United Kingdom
Bio:I'm new here and I can't be arsed updating this. So there you are!

Right, I am now officially arsed!

Ashteth Templesmith is the alter-ego of a college student from Manchester. She is a devoted Slash fanfic slut (reading and writing) and is currently working on about 12 and beta-ing for 1. She will lurk in any fandom you care to mention, (she's the one at the back doing the Darth Vader Breathing and rubbing her thighs, a la Vic and Bob) but can usually be found posting @ (go there, its v. good!!).

In RL (which she avoids as much as possible) when she isn't attached to a computer, she spends her time avoiding doing any work for her English Language and Biology courses, in the Art rooms working on what ever monster project she landed this time, working on getting a job (not!) or chatting/going out with her crazy mates. You'd be able to spot her when she is out with aforementioned crazy mates, she's the one stripping.

A few of her favourite things include:
Stripping (usually after the drinking)
Chocolate (the food of the Gods!!!)
Overusing and Abusing punctuation!!!!!!
Slashing anyone and everyone (the whole world IS gay, I swear man)

She DOES NOT like:
Her little sister (I may love her but I don't have to like her, savvy?)
People who try to tell her Harry Potter characters, LotR characters etc ARN't gay.
People who steal her food #grrrr mine!#
George W Bush (the W stands for Wanker)
Her mother (ref. little sister reasoning)

She's far too indecisive to have a favourite colour and her lucky number is 13, which tells you all you need to know, really.
Interests:43: a perfect circle, alan rickman, angel, anne mccaffery, art, buffy, comics, country music, cryptozoology, drinking, dune, enterprise, evanesance, fanfic, fantasy, harry potter, irony, isaac asimov, jewellery, lord of the rings, manga, mythology, neil gaiman, nickelback, pirates of the carribean, pretty boys and girls, punk, rock music, rocky horror, sarcasm, sci-fi, sex pistols, slash, star trek, stargate, steven fry, terry pratchett, the english language, tori amos, vampires, wales, werewolves, yaoi
Friends:3: rocco_cox, sadsack, unabooboo
Friend of:2: rocco_cox, unabooboo
Account type:Free User

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