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Below is user information for :+: Skitzo Ashe :+:. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:ash666 (24595)
Name::+: Skitzo Ashe :+:
Location:Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Yahoo! ID:missypissy_grr (Add User, Send Message)

SkItZo AsHe

My name is Ashe. If you think I'm skitzo, why don't you ask me what I think of you, I'm sure you will be amazed. I have long [mid back] brown hair. I'm 17 and I live in Edmonton Alberta. I have blue eyes and am 5'8 or 5'9 who knows? I'm calm, most of the time but I can be out going and very [VERY] bouncy when I get hyper. I like people who are honest and who dont hold in how they feel. Some things I dislike are people who lie all the time. They lie to get things that they want and then they lie to make people happy. I hate backstabbing friends and people who feel the need to act "cool(er)" then everyone else, it just makes them seem like they are so much less then what they are.

I don't judge people for what they were or who they may come across as from the first time talking. You never know the real person until you take the time to talk to them and when you do you finally realize they aren't as bad as you had them out to be and usually you have alot more then you think in common. I talk about anything and everything, I'm a great listener and try to convince myself I am quite an intelligent person. That's not for me to judge though. I'm actually pretty funny, you just have to talk to me and find out. Stay on my good side and you'll be all set. I have morals therefore I do not do drugs or drink to get drunk, I don't degrade myself in real life so I will not do it on the Internet.

I live for muziq. Yea I know I spell it funny but then again I am weird! Ask anyone! I write lyrics and poems and I will soon be singing the songs that I write. I just have to find something to sing them to... Someone hit me up with a beat! I'm in to Graf, so if you ever want to check any of my work just let me know. I will try my best to get it to you.

In You- I???m drowning in you, Swallowed by your eyes, Enticed by your lies, I???m dying in you, But it feels so good, I can play this game of yours, With fresh tales of deceit, You???re drowning in me, Taken in by my eyes, Blind to my lies, You???re dying in me, And it feels so good.

Black and Red- Black and red both with meaning. Black for the room I sit in. Quiet and Alone. Red for the ground around me. Listen to me scream and Moan.-Dead- Died of a suicide.

f you want to talk to me on something other then the school I have MSN and Yahoo. My MSN is and my yahoo is skitzo_ashe

<~(My Site)~>
If you want to see some pictures of me go to
Memories:9 entries
Interests:28: basketball, black lights, blood, cuddeling, death, dodge, drawing, dvds, eminem, football, friends, gangstas, guitar, guys, hockey, love, movies, mp3s, msn, muziq, punk, rap, rock, saky, singing, timmy's, wicca, writing
Friends:4: ba_rack, razzleberry, sak5130, silentwhispers
Friend of:13: admiredvic61, ashes_to_dust, ba_rack, joshy86, kennynet, missthangnz, paladin, piercingwound, razzleberry, silentwhispers, xenerx, xxphreakxx, x_nirvana_x
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