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Below is user information for lindsay. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:artistgirl (61929)
Website:I Ain't No Fanatic, I'm Just A Big Fan
find me at;

I have claimed Greg Raposo in _get_marri3d_ + claim_a_guitar + claim_people + hottie_claimage * Aaron Carter in claim_people + hottie_claimage * Chris Trousdale in hottie_claimage * Jesse McCartney in hottie_claimage * Nick Carter, Frankie Galasso, Matt Ballinger, Adam Lamberg, Justin Tosco in hottie_claimage * "Take Me Back Home" by Greg Raposo in name_that_tune * Nick Carter's CD "Now Or Never" in claim_an_album * and the books "The Heart and Soul of Nick Carter," "Arthur; It's Only Rock N' Roll," and "Hatchet" in claim_a_book .....

Interests:82: aaron carter, adam lamberg, aj mclean, ashley angel, ashley olsen, ashton kutcher, backstreet boys, barry cavanagh, blink 182, bon jovi, brian littrell, brian vitone, britney spears, bryan adams, bsb, chris trousdale, clayton snyder, concerts, dan miller, dorough lupus foundation, dream street, elisabeth filarski, eminem, erik estrada, ethan zohn, evan and jaron, frankie galasso, frankie muniz, good charlotte, gordie lockbaum, greg raposo, hannah tosco, healthy heart club, hilary duff, howie dorough, jacob underwood, jake thomas, jc chasez, jeff probst, jesse mccartney, jnn foundation, joel madden, joey fatone, johnny no name, jump 5, just within reach, justin tosco, justincase, kaci, kaila amariah, kevin richardson, krystal harris, linkin park, mandy moore, manley pope, mary-kate olsen, matt ballinger, matt carroll, nick carter, nick carter racing, nick carter's ocean campaign, nick tosco, no authority, nsync, o-town, oliver james, orlando bloom, pierre bouvier, richard marx, ryan turner, s club 7, seann william scott, shane west, simple plan, stacie orrico, stevie brock, timmy mccartney, tino martinez, tom felton, trevor penick, walker kelly, xit 88
Friends:29: ashney88, boybandjunkiie, crazzy4chriss, eyebrowz01, greggyg0tback, lil_gr0upi3, lil_hottie_03, lizzay, llcr3y3inll, melissaxo, nycprincess007, raposo, smo0thiiez, so_yest3rday, stephsayz, sweetxbabii, swimmer4lyfe, tierdofit, trousiefan, wildchildx0x, x0tinkerbell, xoxsugarbebexox, xtrousie_topher, x_cinderella_xo, youngnhopeles, _abercrombiegrl, _get_marri3d_, _x0x0, __crazzii_xo
Account type:Early Adopter

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