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Below is user information for Ariel Carmine Richards. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:ariel_richards (196510)
Name:Ariel Carmine Richards
Location:United States
AOL IM:abstract ariel (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Who am I? I'm Ariel Carmine Richards.. I'm eighteen and a senior at Dover Academy in Vermont. I've lived here all my life, it's a pretty nice place. I have some friends, but I tend to keep a couple close friends and that's it. I'm an open minded person, being bisexual might help with that. I pride myself on my open-mindedness, but not as much as I pride myself on my photography. It's my love. I pick up a camera and look through that lense, and everything is beautiful. My father says it's a gift, a true talent that I have. I guess.. Want to know more? Talk to me. I love to talk.

Full Name: Ariel Carmine Richards
Nicknames: Elle, Carmine, Mermaid
Parents: Jasmine and Andrew Richards
Siblings: Only child
Birthdate: November 27
Height: 5'5"
School: High School, Senior doveracademy
Looks: Dirty blonde hair, green eyes, fair skin
Style: Casual and classic
Likes: Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, older movies, magazines, photography, cameras, books, bubble baths, girl, kisses, cuddling, coffee, music, casual clothes, body spritz, talking
Dislikes: Snobs, homophobics, processed pop music, math, rude guys, crude comments, bad grades
Friends:129: adalita, admissions, alana_kyle, alexandra_james, alixia_summers, alyson_stone, amelia_bourdon, ariann_baker, ariel_richards, austin_sandford, avery_march, benharrington, bennett_manning, bobby_knight, brayden_donahue, brenna_widows, brittany_jacobs, brittany_moffit, brynn_jones, caden_thorpe, calista_joshuan, cara_lowry, carrie_glover, carter_mcdermot, charity_peach, charlie_stone, chase_larkin, chloe_glover, christian__, christinamartin, ciara_nelson, cjericho_blur, clair_leblanc, clark_lowry, cory_ashton, danny_mack, dayton_geier, deryck_widows, devon_james, dina_gray, dodgexthis, dominik_cole, doveracademy, doverspirit, drake_aubrey, duncan_miller, elizabeth_adams, embry_march, emmanuel__, erik_johnson, erin_zavatsky, eva_rodriguez, evstricks, fox_kennedy, gemmamadley, gideon_james, hatemecatie, hollis_walker, illiana_moore, jake_davis, jake_mason, jay_griffin, jd_palmer, joe_matthews, jordan_rankin, joshua_davis, josh_mason, katherinewatson, katrina_c, kellyn_miller, kenzi_summers, kyle_steele, k_for_kaley, leila_miranda, licktannings, lilianna_diaz, linleyallman, luxie_sapone, maddock, marc_nash, marilyn_sisman, mark_harris, matthew_walker, megg_, milo_delmont, mira_lucas, mr_moore, ms_m_kennedy, natalie_kays, natasha_combs, nathan_harkan, nerissa_miller, noelle_wilson, oliver_davis, ooc, parker_kenley, renae_clarks, riddlerankin, riley_austin, riley_daniels, rob_northam, rpg_ads, ryan_corst, sam_johnston, scott_taylor, seanplaysguitar, serena_penn, seth_haven, seven_barclay, shioban_estoban, skylar_gellar, sophie_walker, southern_reese, spencer_faris, spielbergslut, summer_evans, tate_bensen, ted_emmerson, tianna_jacobs, tony_martin, travis_rivera, tripp_wallace, turn_the_paige, tyler_beckham, tyson_frye, viola_bianchi, west_porter, _averymartin, _naiya
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