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Below is user information for arashi-chan <3. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:arashixchan (80819)
Name:arashi-chan <3
Location:In Tatsuya's Embrace, New York, United States
AOL IM:aNGeL oF RaMeN (Add Buddy, Send Message)

La-dee-daa, just some basic information stuffs on moi. ;-)

*Name ~ Arashi (pronounced as ARAH-SHEE)
*Age ~ 14
*Gender ~ Female
*Birthday ~ December 29, 1988
*Nationality ~ aZn/Filipina
*Height ~ 5'1"
*Eye Color ~ *Dark* brown
*Hair Color ~ Black w/ brown highlights
*Hobbies ~ Writing, manga, anime, reading, listening to music, DDR, Para Para Paradise, talking, phone, AIM, internet, TV, video games (mostly RPG's)
*Family ~ Mumsy, Daddy, Bom (little brother)
*Location ~ Somewhere whimsical in NY ;-)
*Birthplace ~ Newark Bethesrael Hospital in NJ
*Zodiac Sign ~ Capricorn
*School ~ STA

And down below are several of the things that Arashi holds great appreciation for~ :D *hugs them all* ^.^;;; Heh:

*Quote ~ "To the world, you're just one person ~ but to one person, you could mean the world..."
*Type(s) of music ~ J-rock, j-pop, rap, dance/techno, R&B, punk-rock, anything good on the radio :-)
*Ice Cream ~ Cookie Dough, Cotton candy, Vanilla, Strawberry :D
*Color ~ Light blue
*Drink(s) ~ Orange soda, Coke, Vanilla Coke, Lemonade, orange juice, water
*Food ~ Fish, mushrooms, Chinese food, Filipino food, chicken, chicken wings, cheese pizza
*Candy ~ CHOCOLATE!!!!!! *sings the 'umpa lumpa song'* xD
*Scent ~ Vanilla *Gaaaaaaackt*
*Animal ~ NEKOS!!!
*Hangout ~ Mall *sighs* ;-)
*Game(s) ~ DDR, Para Para Paradise, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy X, Devil May Cry
*Season(s) ~ Winter & Summer

Yup, Arashi has to admit, she LOVES movies. She watches various genres of them, but
adores any movie w/ Jackie Chan. xD

*Rush Hour 2*
*Rat Race*
*Tuck Everlasting*
*Lilo & Stitch*
*Battle Royale*
*Spirited Away*
*Pom Poko*
*My Neighbor Totoro*
*Grave Fireflies*
*Princess Mononoke*
*Whisper of The Heart*
*Kiki's Delivery Service*
*Panda! Go Panda!*
*Sweet Home Alabama*
*My Big Fat Greek Wedding*
*Lord of The Rings: Fellowship of The Ring*
*Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers*
*Rumble In The Bronx*
*Shanghai Knights*
*The Road Home*
*Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon*

Now if there's one thing you'll wanna know about Arashi, it's that she's a major music wh@re xD She's completely obsessed and in ♥ w/ music and simply -CANNOT- live w/out it. ;-) *twaa*

*The Brilliant Green*
*Dir en Grey*
*Malice Mizer*
*Plastic Tree*
*Luna Sea*
*Shiina Ringo*
*Janne da Arc*
*Due le Quartz*
*Okui Masami*
*Hamasaki Ayumi*
*Iwao Junko*
*Hayashibara Megumi*
*Favorite Blue*
*Aiuchi Rina*
*Utada Hikaru*
*Shinohara Tomoe*
*Horie Yui*
*Every Little Thing*
*Dragon Ash*
*Kinki Kids*
*DJ Doc*
*Baby Vox*

Another one of Arashi's many obsessions has to be anime. Next to manga, this is what she tries to buy whenever chance she gets. $_$

*Initial D*
*Tenchi series*
*Rurouni Kenshin*
*Martian Successor Nadesico*
*Saber Marionette J*
*Cowboy Bebop*
*Yu Yu Hakusho*
*Megami Kouhosei (Candidate For Goddess)*
*Mobile Suit Gundam 08 MS Team*
*Outlaw Star*
*Vampire Princess Miyu*
*Real Bout High School*
*Weiss Kreuz*
*Great Teacher Onizuka*
*Love Hina*
*Marmalade Boy*
*Fruits Basket*
*Full Moon wo Sagashite*
*CHOU GALS! Kotobuki Ran*
*Kare Kano*
*Sailor Moon*
*Pita Ten*
*Di Gi Charat*
*Angelic Layer*
*Chibi Maruko-chan*
*Daa! Daa! Daa!*
*Digimon Frontier*
*Final Fantasy: Unlimited*
*Hikaru no Go*
*Ojamajo Doremi*
*Kodomo no Omocha*

Heh, and this is where most of Arashi's $$$ goes. xD She loves her manga and spends countless hours sitting somewhere comfy downstairs reading them:

*Paradise Kiss*
*Kodomo no Omocha*
*Ayakashi Hime Kurenai*
*Tenchi Muyo!*
*Kaitou Saint Tail*
*Fushigi Yuugi*
*Marmalade Boy*
*Cardcaptor Sakura*
*Angelic Layer*
*Planet Ladder*
*Kare Kano*
*Peach Girl*
*Under A Glass Moon*

Ahh, these are the things that Arashi obsesses muchly over day by day. :-) Without these precious things, Arashi thinks that life just wouldn't be worth living in:

*Her family*
*Her friends*
*choco-covered pretzels*
*Stitch [Lilo & Stitch]*
*ice cream*
*Kaoru [Dir en Grey]*
*Kyo [Dir en Grey]*
*Jackie Chan & his movies*
*the computer (along w/ internet and AIM)*
*whip cream*
*close 'one-on-one' talks w/ friends*
*theme parks*
*Mentos* the following are the things that Arashi CANNOT STAND in the world today. Yes, she 'highly dislikes' them all w/ great passion:

*when it's pitch-black and too quiet*
*people who have no soft side whatsoever*
*having to wake up early in the morning*
*knives, needles, sharp things, etc.*
*...certain people that Arashi hates and chose not to list their names. =_= *death-glare* You all know who you are.
*lectures of all sorts and sizes*
*extremely cold weather*
*sweet & sour foods*
*people who try too hard*

♥ Arashi-chaaaaaaan!!! <333

The WeatherPixie

Interests:147: , acting, aiji, aim, anime, azn, badtz maru, battle arena toshinden, battle royale, bishies, black roses, boys, bubble baths, bubbles, carnivals, chinese food, chocolate, circus, clouds, coffee, colonia, d.n.angel, dance dance revolution, dancing, dante, degrassi, devil may cry, dir en grey, disney, dj doc, dragon ash, dreams, due le quartz, ebay, evangelion,, festivals, flying, fruits basket, fujiwara tatsuya, gackt, glay, grave of the fireflies, gravitation, hakuei, halloween, happy days, heaven, hide, hugs, ice cream, initial d, j-pop, j-rock, janne de arc, jesters, jesus, kana, kaoru, kingdom hearts, kinki kids, kohta, kozi, kuroyume, kyo, light blue, lilo and stitch, magic, malice mizer, malls, mana, manga, marmalade boy, masami okui, masanobu ando, mashimaro, megami kouhosei, mint chocolate, miyavi, money, move, mushrooms, music, my friends, nekos, nyago, nyan nyan nyanko, orange soda, outlaw star, para para paradise, paradise kiss, penicillin, pete & pete, pierrot, pillows, pita ten, plastic tree, plushies, pocky, psycho le cemu, pucca, rat race, riku, rocko's modern life, rurouni kenshin, rush hour 2, salute your shorts, san-x, sephiroth, shibuya, shiina ringo, shopping, shugo oshinari, singing, sleeping, smiling, snow, sparkles, spirited away, spongebob squarepants, starbucks, stars, strawberries, sugizo, summer, swimming, talking, talking on the phone, tarepanda, tenchi series, the brilliant green, the moon, theme parks, toshiya, tsukamoto takashi, vampire prince, vampire princess miyu, vanilla, weiss kreuz, wildwood, wings, winter, wish, wonder years, writing, x-japan, yamamoto taro
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