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User:arakun (403226)
AOL IM:BlackThornedHalo (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Name: Ara

Age: Unknown. Looks about 15 or 16

Sex: Male

Race: Dragoian

Job: Being Kimi's pet.

Relationship Status: Single

RP Status: Alive, and lives wherever Kimi lives.

RP Alignment: Whatever side Kimi's on. ^.~ Neautral

Appearance: Like the pic, long purple hair and purple eyes. He has a pair of wings in his human form as well-- But they can vanish if he wants them to. In his dragon form he's small, and could fit in the palm of your hand. His scales are a brillaint purple and his eyes are purple silver.

Attire: O.o; Well, he's almost always in his dragon state. But, he'd probably wear something in Kimi's closet... Which would be way to big for him.

Weapon: He can breathe little white fire balls.

Attack Style: In both forms he can use fire magic, but in his dragon form he uses his claws as well.

History: He was born into the world as a dragon, into a dragon family... It was odd, how he also had a human side. However, because of this he was rejected from the cluth he was born into, and was sent off to fend for himself. After about two months, of starvation and small dragon was disovered by Kimeru, whom he's been indebted to since then. However when he was found he was to weak, to transform, which left Kimi to believe that he was merely a dragon. To this day that secret has been kept, because Ara fears that Kimi would no longer like him, if he were a human, becuase of his compassion towards animals.

Personality: Naive... Very naive, and often in denial... He's insecure, obeidant, and very loyal to Kimi-sama. He dislikes others getting close to his Kimeru though... And if he doesn't like you he'll make it known... And if you dare flirt with Kimi around him. May the gods help you. He's also reserved, and very very shy around most people.... Well actually pretty much everyone, as he doesn't talk in fear of ruining his relationship with Kimi-sama. He reads into every little action, even if it's just because Kimi's exhausted, he'll still think it's something against him, and his slef esteem will drop.

Additional Information (not required, but enjoyed)
Birthday: Unknown
Origin: Unknown
Favorite Food: Chocolate
Ex-Lover/s: None. ^^
Interesting Fact: When he transforms into a human, he's nekkid.
Hobby: He likes to read. ^^
Likes: Humans, wizards, Kimi, halflings, food, chocolate
Dislikes: Dragons
Closest to: Kimi
Pets: ^^; He's the pet.
Sexuality: Bi.
Most Rememberable Quote: Thank you....I'm so happy. I... I don't usually get presents from people!

Friends:6: keme, knight_loki, macia, manusadaki, mottephobic, someones_song
Friend of:4: knight_loki, lady_dusk, mottephobic, someones_song
Account type:Free User

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