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Below is user information for dearest helpless. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:apfelkeks (591437)
Name:dearest helpless
Location:Mönchengladbach, NRW, Germany
ICQ UIN: 320724255 (Add User, Send Message)
Bio:mascara is a fifteen year old girl who is extremely fond of doing nothing (productive, that is). She is a self-diagnosed mental case who is currently looking for the nearest helpful shrink. So far, there has been no takers, which she figures is not exactly surprising.
Interests:142: aestheticism, albinos, amorphis, anarchism, angels, anime, apocalyptica, art, bauhaus, birken, björk, black metal, cats, chatting, craig nicholls, daniel johns, death, death metal, demons, denken, depression, depressionen, dir en grey, discworld, diseases, doujinshi, draco malfoy, drawing, dreaming, due'le quartz, dämonen, eating, elfen, elven, end of green, fanfiction, fantasizing, fantasy, farfarello, feathers, feder, finland, finnland, fledermäuse, flügel, freaks, goff metal, goffic, gothic, grimjaur, grunge, guitar players, harry potter, herbs, hide, i, iceland, illusion, in flames, insekten, internet, island, j-rock, japan, japanese food, katatonia, katzen, kizu, knifes, kurt cobain, languages, mailing, manga, me, meer, meeting fangirls, messer, metal, mirrors, monotheistischer realitätsverlust, mucc, music, myself, mythologie, mythology, nick cave, nightwish, nirvana, novels, oeaki-ing, original fiction, philosophy, playing ps2, poems, poesie, poetry, psychommunity, punk, pzykko, reading, rock, sand, sarcasm, sarkasmus, scandinavia, schmetterlinge, schweden, science, seuchen, sick & candy, silverchair, sinéad o'connor, skandinavien, slash, sleeping, slytherin, social phobia, sprachen, storms, strine, sugizo, sweden, tad williams, terry pratchett, the vines, therion, thinking, träumen, vampire, vampires, verbrechen am grün, ville valo, vines, visual kei, wasser, wind, wings, writing, wüste, yaoi, zeichnen, zynismus
Friends:3: blackdalia, machi_sama, xslytherinx
Friend of:1: machi_sama
Member of:1: xslytherinx
Account type:Free User

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