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Below is user information for samantha ana-leta hernandez. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:antigravityl0ve (121191)  
Name:samantha ana-leta hernandez
Website:this is friends only
Location:Sacramento, California, United States
AOL IM:antigravitylove3 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! (Add User, Send Message)
Bio:this is me...i am sam. a basic person with a basic life. i love music and my friends and i wish i lived next to the ocean so i could surf and body board and be super sexy tanned!
Interests:146: 21, 311, 50s, a new found glory, adam sandler, adiovent, afi, all-american rejects, anti-flag, ashley page, aus, austin, bandit, birthdays, bobbing head dolls, brandon boyd, brown, butt monkeys, cartoons, charlie brown, chickens, choir, cky, clean people, coffee, cold coffee, coldplay, colorful stuff, computers, cosmetology, crooked stars, deoderant, dirtbikes, dirty sanchez, disneyland, drowning adam, ducks, e mail, ed edd n eddy, elton john, elvis, emo, fatboy slim, finch, fishcloth, flames, flowers, food, foxy, gay guys, golden showers, goldfinger, goo goo dolls, good charlotte, green, hair bands, happy pills, harry potter, head, heath ledger, hello kitty, homegrown, hurley, hypodermic needles, iced coffee, incubus, insulin, jamba juice, jimmy eat world, kissing, kitty, lotion, love, making love, mariah carey, me, meow meow, mexican food, michelle branch, milkey way, monkeys, moulin rouge, movies, my bunny pocket dooby, nelly feurtado, ocean, old navy, orange, outdoors, peach chapstick, peach tea, peaches, pens, pepper ann, photo, piano, pictures, piggy tails, pigs, pink floyd, pins, poetry, porn, posters, prozac, punk, purple, rain, rainbows, ramones, raves, red hots, rock music, rufus wainwright, russian, rx bandits, san fransico, santana, saves the day, shag, showers, shows, skate boarding, snoopy, socks, strawberries, strawberry yogurt, stuart star, summer, sun, surfing, the ataris, the doors, the starting line, the used, the vandals, the vines, the white stripes, the who, three weeks yesterday, train, vintage, volcom, waves, woodstock, yamaha dirt bikes
Friends:11: backyardstars, bleekblack, damyourriver, dazey, ghettopirategrl, ginasmind, jody, junkbox, kilik_starz, unity, volcombabyxo
Friend of:8: all_the_rage, backyardstars, chicagomaster, damyourriver, ghettopirategrl, kilik_starz, unity, volcombabyxo
Member of:1: junkbox
Account type:Early Adopter

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