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Below is information about the "We hate Avril Lavigne" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:anti_avril (5018)
Name:We hate Avril Lavigne
About:What/who is Avril Lavigne. Avril is the latest POP sensation to come from the USA. She writes her only music and plays instruments. Well that doesn't sound too bad does it? Well it gets worse. She dresses like a punk, tries to act like a punk, but really she isn't, you can tell that by the first line of Complicated, her debut single. As i hate her soooooo much i have put this community together for all the people that hate Avril Lavigne.

1)Don't join the community if you like Avril Lavigne, nobody cares
2)Don't spell punk pxnk, it just bugs everyone
3)No arguing
4)No writing LiKe ThIs, its so gay
5)No entries like the following example: "omg i love ---- so much" No one cares, your entry will be deleted.
6)Respect other members/their opinions and taste in musoc
7) This community is not just for punks, everyone is welcome.


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Interests:3: anti avril, anti-avril, hating avril lavigne
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