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User:anothergeek69 (1266953)
Name:Mike Bream
Location:Hiwassee College , New York, United States
Bio:I want to be a blog owner! A close friend of mine setup a blog website that she supplies techniques to put together makeup and today she was recently able to eliminate her job! I couldn't imagine that some thing she begun carrying out just for enjoyment, made it possible for her to earn sufficient earnings to follow her activity/passion full-time. I'm just so glad for her.

I am not even sure the place to even begin with, Ive began to read about how you can weblog and make cash flow via the web but there's so much help and advice, it is all complex. I am from what almost all people would likely consider a "ordinary" household, you know, that standard lifestyle along with 2.5 kids including a canine, and lastly the most wonderful mom and father. Accordingly I don't come with a lot to discuss on that front of which would probably bore nearly everybody, but I am not sure what to talk about. I suppose I am want to execute reviews or some thing like that, till I am able to locate another thing I'm enthusiastic about. In the event that any person out there has got any type of strategies for me on what I should write, or proven methods to get it done, I'd honestly appreciate it.
Interests:22: ac/dc, car racing, chuck, claudius, do the right thing, dominoes, favorite books: i, favorite music: kiss, favorite superhero: box iii, iggy & the stooges, interests or hobbies: acting, jolt, jubilee, l.a. confidential, larry king live, mrs. dalloway, oprah winfrey, papermaking, scarlet spider, snow crash, the parent trap, u2
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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