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Below is user information for The Butterflies are Passive Aggressive. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:anitapitabread (95668)
Name:The Butterflies are Passive Aggressive
Memories:1 entry
Interests:98: as220, aztek trip, beat poetry, being weird, bellybuttons, black, books, bracelets, brewed awakenings, candy, candy necklaces, chains, chinese food, chucks, craziness, dancing, danger, drawing, dreams, drum players, ducks, duct tape, earrings, east guam, extreme downhill skiing, fear, fire, flirting, francesca lia block, friends, future, guam, guitars, guys, hair dye, hate, hello kitty, human nature, imagination, insanity, jack kerouac, karma, kissing, local bands, lollipops, love, loves the night, making out, miles davis, mindless self indulgence, mp3s, music, nirvana, our lady peace, pain, painting, pajamas, paper mache, parties, partying, people, photography, pianos, piercings, plaid pants, poetry, randomness, safety pins, sage francis, sarcasm, saying random things, shaded, shiny things, silver, slam, slamming, sleep, sleeping, something corporate, sparkley stuff, spun, starbucks, staring at people, sweaters, sweedish fish, sylvia plath, talking, tarot, the appleseed cast, the promise ring, thrifting, trouble, tyler_rabbit, vintage clothes, west guam, wicca, wierdness, writing
Friends:69: absolute_oasis, adognamedbob, american_fencer, andrewpants, atyrannyofwords, beatpoetry, black_unicorn13, burnbabyburn, cmorra, command_four, cooltothecore, cvloc420, damnstraight, deep_emo, drive_thru, dyingstar, emocool, emokids, emomart, emomixtape, emoxlove, emo_kids, emptyvision, garage_rock, geeks_get_laid, genericgazebo, germieshepie, glamourbombs, gwenna, headtrip, hues_of_orange, iloveska, imdyingtomarrow, indiefilms, indienerds, indierock, indierockmix, jazz_age, jonarama, kotolen, la_sallians, live_art, mantisxvi, providenceri, ravioli, readingroom, rudies, runnynose, scottishmafia, skank_down_crew, soco_kids, something_corp, soukdao, suprjunkymonkey, thecoffeehouse, therudekids, thesatire, the_anime_freak, the_itch_666, thosexperks, tyler_rabbit, unstable1067, uspilledmyjuice, vintagewhores, wordgetsaround, xartfulxdodgerx, xunsent_letters, yasha_6666, yeti_herd
Account type:Early Adopter

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