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User:anime_princess (331483)
Location:Mt. Sinai, New York, United States
AOL IM:xosh0rtaayox (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Hi my name is Britt..i also go by, Lil one, Buri-chan, Saikobi nd more..I luv anime ^^ favz are-
Rurouni Kenshin
Sailor Moon
Candidate for Goddess
there are more but those are my top favs.
i luv drawin anime not the best but frum wat my friends tell me im rele good..i havent been able to figure out how to get my drawings on the computer but im workin on it ^^; ..
im not very good @ this blurty stuff..i dunt kno how to make my own blurty look cool..i still dunt kno how to make my own icons..ima lost cause T.T..if therez ne one who wud like to help me id b more than greatful to them!^^
-I am the sweat that graces Zero Enna's body.sweatdrop
-I am married to Kouga anime_marriage
-Rurouni Kenshin claim_an_anime
-Chibi-chibi usagi claim_a_chibi
-Inuyasha claim_your_favs
-Pirates of the Caribbean claim_your_favs
-Evanesence claim_your_favs
-Care Bears claim_your_favs
-Sesshoumaru claim_anime
-Tsukasa claim_anime
-Friend Bear carebear_claims
-Cheer Bear carebear_claims
Interests:30: .hack//sign, adult swim, anime, candidate for goddess, candy, card captor sakura, care bears, chibis, cowboy bebop, drawing, dvds, fan art, fan fics, g gundam, gundam wing, hanyou, inuyasha, kagome + inuyasha, kao anis, kikaider, mangas, music, pocky, rurouni kenshin, sailor moon, usagi + seiya, youkai, yu gi oh, yu yu hakusho, zero + kizna
Friends:10: ec_law, eeyore7, endia, goth_fae, iyasujehuty, lovesjustaword, sekzii_kitten, star_kitten, tessaiga, vegetasbabie
Friend of:9: ec_law, eeyore7, goth_fae, hard_luck_woman, lovesjustaword, star_kitten, taiijiya, tessaiga, vegetasbabie
Member of:7: adultswim, anime_lovers_i, anime_marriage, carebear_claims, claim_anime, claim_an_anime, claim_a_chibi
Account type:Free User

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