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Below is user information for >> Anime Icons and More <<. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:anime_ic0ns (619064)
Name:>> Anime Icons and More <<
AOL IM:xtoasterofdoomx (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Welcome to the anime_ic0ns community! Here we specialize in making custom anime icons, but it's not limited to just that. If you would like to request an icon, just join and post specifying what you would like.

Requesting an icon:

~ Specify what picture you want to be used. If you have a link to a picture you want used, that'd be great. If not, I'll just find what I can.
~ What would you like the text on your icon to say? Unless you want just a wordless icon, tell me what you want written on your icon. Also specify colors.
~ Finally, if you'd like your icon's picture to change or for there to be any special effects (such as lighting, blurring, those sketchy lines), specify that as well.

Basic Rules

~ Please, if you take an icon, comment and tell which one you took.
~ Do NOT steal my icons without giving me (or the maker) credit. If you do, I'll hunt you down like the dirty piggy you are and have rabid squirrels eat you alive. Or have you banned.
~ I will not make icons with any type of porn or anything on them. Go to another community if you want that.
~ If you are posting some of your own icons in the community that contain sexual content, please use the lj-cut tag (see below). Also if you are posting more than 6 icons, use the lj-cut tag as well.
~ If you're not happy with the icon that's made for you, don't get angry about it. Simply tell the me what you'd like to be changed, and tell me.
~ Really... just enjoy!!

Useful Tags
Be sure you remove the "*"s from the following tags, or else they won't work.

~ lj-cut tag
<*lj-cut text="insert text here">

~ Referring to another Blurty user
<*lj user="username">

~ Referring to another community
<*lj comm="community">

Interests:101: .hack, .hack//dusk, .hack//infection, .hack//liminality, .hack//sign, ah! my goddess, akira, angel sanctuary, animation, anime, anime icons, ayashi no ceres, bastard, bishies, bishoujo, bishounen, blue seed, blurty icons, card captor sakura, chibis, chii, chobits, clamp, cowboy bebop, custom icons, dark chii, ddr, digi charat, dirty pair, dragon half, dragonball, dragonball gt, dragonball z, escaflowne, evangelion, excel saga, exploding dog, fanart, final fantasy, finding nemo, fruits basket, fushigi yugi, get backers, ghost in the shell, gundam, hamtaro, happy noodle boy, happy tree friends, hellsing, homestar runner,, humor, hunter x hunter, icons, inu-yasha, inuyasha, invader zim, j-pop, j-rock, japan, japanese culture, jhonen vasquez, johnny the homicidal maniac, jubei-chan, live journal icons, lj icons, love hina, making icons, manga, marmalade boy, mecha, megatokyo, metal gear solid, music, neon genesis evangelion, nightmare before christmas, otaku, outlaw star, perfect blue, pirates of the caribbean, princess mononoke, randomness, ranma, ranma 1/2, revolutionary girl utena, rurouni kenshin, sailor moon, samurai pizza cats, samurai x, shonen-ai, shoujo, slayers, spirited away, tenchi muyo, tokyo babylon, trigun, vampire hunter d, yaoi, yu yu hakusho, yuri, zim
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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