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User:angeleyesmary (33736)
Location:United States
... [ About Me ] ...
I guess this is where I tell you a little about me and my personal life. Where to start?
I totally suck at these things so I'm curious to see how this turns out.
My biggest downfall prior to December 11, 2002 was in October of 1999. My parents had split up
and gone their 'seperate' ways. After they divorced, my life went pretty much crazy. I closed a wall
between me and the poeple that really cared about me. Nothing in life seemed important to
me. How could two people who were supposedly 'in love' just split up? I was afraid to trust people from
then on. Now it's not so bad. I do have problems with boys , but who doesn't? I've had them cheat on me,
kiss other girls, and use me. My first boyfriend was Jonathan. We were dating for about 2 months and after that, we broke up. I basically can't keep a relationship longer than 2 months and that is a known
fact - LOLZ! I've had many ups and downs with some friends. Some of my 'friends' stabbed me in the
back -- so I've basically lost trust in them. I only have a few close friends, of whom I can actually trust.
I can keep going on and on about my life, but I'm not - lolz. So I'll just put this on pause for now.

... [ Shout Outs ] ...
Sabri: Oh my gosh, where to start? You are the sister I never had - lolz. I've had so much fun
these past few weeks that I totally forgot about some of my problems. I can tell you anything
and everything that goes on in my life...even though we hang out most of the time I really don't need to
say anything. You are always there for me no matter what the problem may be. Without you, I don't know
where I would be right now. I know I kind of crowd you sometimes when your with Scott, but what can
I say? It's a habit - lolz. And plus, Scott is a major hottie!!! I don't know how you got that boy, but
you sure are lucky to have him. I hope we will have many memories to come. Love ya girly! xoxo

Jenn: Girl, you are the bomb! - lolz. You are also always there for me from time to time. I don't
know what to say? - lolz. You are one of the best! Love ya girl!

Ashley: Even though I haven't known you for very long you are someone I can trust with all my heart. I've never met a person that is as honest as you are. I'm glad that you're my friend. Love ya girly!

Tatiana: You are basically like a sister to me too. You can basically relate to all my problems with
family, friends, and especially boys. I want to thank you for always being there for me and helping me get
through my problems. I don't know what would've happened if you weren't there for me. I love ya girly! xoxo

Matt: Even though it's not the same as before...I still love you. We may not be together forever,
but I'm glad I have you now. I know you like Sabri and all, but you still gave me another chance. I love you! xoxo

Scott: All I can say to you is; boy, you are HOTT! - LOLZ!

The Rest of the Crew: You know I love you all! Much love! xoxo

Interests:32: 112, aaron carter, animals, b2k, bam margera, boys, boys 2 men, britney spears, bsb, chris trousdale, christina aguilera, dancing, dream street, friends, games, good charlotte, hulk hogan, jackass, johnny knoxville, kisses, lord of the rings, movies, music, nsync, o-town, richard marx, shawn michaels, singing, skating, steve-o, townsend, wwe
Friends:9: bo0tiful_singer, charming316, chitown_queen, irresistible_xo, jlowannabetat, liddle_trouzie, shinningstarr, spreelee22, vegasbarbie
Friend of:9: bo0tiful_singer, charming316, charming_dancer, chitown_queen, irresistible_xo, jlowannabetat, liddle_trouzie, shinningstarr, spreelee22
Account type:Early Adopter

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