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User:angelcreak7 (382864)  
Location:Somewhere, Michigan, United States
Bio:Every day I am learning something new, therefore I choose not to categorize myself under any one specific subculture. I find it limiting, as I am still getting to know myself as a grown-up. '

Although I am depression prone, I am trying not to let that define me. I do journal about it a lot. I see writing as a means of transformation.

Now's where all the random stuff comes in... I like talking to strangers. I think effeminate eccentric artsy intellectual guys are sexy. Nothing cheers me up more than solo grocery shopping. My favorite word is belly button. Glitter and sparkly stuff rock. I like pickles. Since the VMA's I have a huge girl crush on Beyonce and am considering pursuing fly girl as a second career. I've never been to Florida. I smoke too much sometimes. For some odd reason (procrastination) I like surveys and quizzes. I play with my toes when I am nervous.
Interests:143: activism, adam sandler, angels, animals, anonymity, anti-racism, anti-rape, apple cider, art, babies, baking, bath & body works, beaches, beyonce, bitches, bob marley, bonfires, booty shaking, bridge to terabithia, bubble baths, buddhist philosophy, bugs, butts, campbell's soup, camping, chai, cheese, cherries, chocolae, cider beer, civil rights, clerks, coffee, computers, concerts, controversy, crazy wisdom, creativity, daisies, dancing, depression, disco, diversity, dogma, dogs, dragonflies, drawing, dreams, effeminate guys, egg drop soup, elvis presley, environmental issues, erykah badu, fairies, feminism, french culture, french toast, gardening, garth brooks, glitter, gloria steinem, golden retrievers, grocery shopping, jamaica kincaid, janis joplin, jewel, journalism, judo, julia butterfly hill, justice, karaoke, kissing, korn, kundera, led zeppelin, literature, love, marilyn manson, martial arts, meijer, moonstone, moulin rouge, music, native american spirituality, nature, nirvana, old navy, opals, oprah, ozzfest, paganism, paris, parks, passion, peace, peanut butter cookies, pere la chaise, pigs, playing, poetry, politics, popcorn jellybeans, porn, pottery, precious stones, prince, rain, reality bites, rilke, rock journalism, rumi, salvator dali, sarcasm, sark, saturns, schnauzers, sex, sexuality, shakespeare, shamanism, skiing, social distortion, spiders, strangers, sublime, swimming, tall boots, target, tattoos, tea, the beatles, the doors, thrift stores. tofu, tongues, tori amos, travelling, vagina monologues, vampires, vibrators, weezer, whole foods, willow trees, writing
Friends:2: blackcarnation, feminism
Friend of:1: blackcarnation
Member of:1: feminism
Account type:Free User

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