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User:angel_ali (218583)
Name:~*Angel Ali *~
Location:Orlando, Florida, United States

Lonely, unloved Child Of Dead love
no one cares
May i die today
not a soul would notice..
Becuz im Invisible..

A kiss is just a kiss..untill your toes tingle and yer back archs..a kiss is just a kiss untill you get a tingle down your spin..
Frist kiss... this is a big deal to some people.. some people dont even care nor can they even remeber theres.. but the frist REAL kiss you always remeber.. the softness of his lips his hands where they go, how he grips your lips and the move, how he slides his hand in your just right. how you have waitd for this for so long and its wonderful. even more then you thought..
Lips move tonges are there the taste is sweet. pasionately your there and then your not you drift off into this wonderful world. know you know what its like.. to truely Be in love..

You can go on for day and remeber his smell.. the taste of his lips is inbedded in your mind.. you want more... as you lay in your bed at night you dream of him his sweet lips are on your mind all the time..
and thats how it should be..

Inside me,
there's a thin Woman
crying to get out-
But I can usually shut the
bitch up with cookies

I cut my arm today it wasn’t an accident,
What can I say,
I tried my best not to mess up,
I tried so hard not to make a deep cut,
The blood was running so fast,
Down and around my arm it swam,
Around and around in my vains it went,
Out through the hole in my skin I did cut,
The pain I felt is gone now,
I cant take it back I feel better now,
I tried so hard not to go back,
I tried to go to the bus station,
I even tried to pack,
Close up my walls,
Never let anything ruin my goals,
I slipped I swear,
I didn’t mean to,
All I need in my life is you,
Would you forgive me if I meant it,
I couldn’t take it,
It drove me insane,
I wasn’t in the right lane,
My mind wondered,
The Feels I congered,
I cant take it back,
I cant make it stop,
would you trust that i know it was wrong,
I’ll just sit here and sing my song,
I miss you so,
Its not your fault,
I have all my feeling weld up inside my own vault.

Memories:4 entries
Interests:61: *~love~*, a thousand years, all this time, among the dead, and i fuckd up, arty farty stuff, backstabers, bad, before i come undone, believe i, breathe into me, bring me to life, but you were there, call my name, cheaters, cold, couldn't see, darling only, die here, don't let me, feeling empty.., frozen inside, good, happyness, honest people, i can't, in front of me, insainity, is haveing you, is to be lost, it seems, i’ve been sleeping, kept in the dark, kind souls, knowing that you care, liars, lost, make me real, not knowing, quizes. hehe fun!, sadness, sex, shy boys *blush*, sleeping somewhere, so numb, someone whos doesnt care, something more, survays, there must be, there’s nothing inside., to everything, unhappyness, until you find it, wake me up inside, where i’ve become, without a soul, without a thought, without a voice, without your love, without your touch, you are the life
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Friend of:5: amerikanyouth, maggotface, punkrockdrumm3r, sioux_moo, xevilxxxkittenx
Account type:Free User

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