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Below is user information for Andy. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:andyj (331788)
Location:Huddersfield, United Kingdom
Interests:148: 24, air, american beauty, angel, anime, apathy, aphex twin, baseketball, battle royale, bitterness, bjork, blood the last vampire, bo selecta, boredom, brass eye, breakbeat era, buffy, cats, chasing amy, chatting, chemical brothers, chocolate, christina ricci, clerks, commodore 64, computer games, computing, cuddling, cyber city oedo 808, cynicism, daft punk, dark humour, die hard, dj shadow, dogma, donnie darko, doomed megalopolis, downbeats, driving, dvds, eating, england, enterprise, eternal darkness, fatboy slim, fc kahuna, fight club, final fantasy, final fantasy vii, final fantasy viii, football, freddy got fingered, futurama, game soundtracks, gamecube, gaming, geeky girls, ghost in the shell, girl geeks, goldfrapp, goofs, half-life, high fidelity, huddersfield, indiana jones, japan, johnny vegas, labyrinth, leftfield, leon, liverpool fc, lord of the rings, los dos bros, mallrats, manga, mario, massive attack, max payne, moby, monster city, monty python, motorbikes, movie scores, movie soundtracks, movies, mp3s, music, natalie portman, orbital, peace, peter kay, phoenix nights, portishead, prodigy, pulp fiction, queen, quiet, red dwarf, roni size, royksopp, rpgs, run lola run, sarcasm, sci-fi, scores, sega mega drive, serious sam, shooting stars, silent hill, sleeping, snes, soccer, sonic, star trek next generation, star trek voyager, star wars, super nintendo, surrealism, talking, taxi, taxi 2, techno, the 10th kingdom, the animatrix, the dark side, the day today, the league of gentlemen, the matrix, the matrix reloaded, the usual suspects, the virgin suicides, thora birch, total recall, tranquility, trip-hop, true romance, underworld, unkle, vampires, vanilla sky, video games, walking, weird al yankovic, west yorkshire, wicked city, xbox, zelda, zippy
Friends:1: xstreetxspiritx
Account type:Free User

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