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User:andreaakame (111216)
Website:My LiveJournal
Location:United States

i'm a dork.

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Interests:124: aim, amusement parks, animals, aromatherapy, astrology, badminton, bars, beaches, being me, biology, broadway musicals, bubbles, caffeine, camping, candles, candy, cartoons, chemistry, chocolate, clarinet, clubs, coffee, college life, computers, concerts, convertibles, cuddling, current events, customers suck, dancing, dancing on tables, designing web pages, diversity, drinking, driving, eating, emo, environment, euphoria, exploring, eyes, family, family guy, flirting, food, forensics, friends, game shows, geology, gum, guys, hiking, html, hugs, humor, instant messaging, internet, jazz, jokes, karaoke, kayaking, kisses, laughing, les miserables, life, live journal, long island, love, making new friends, making out, making people laugh, meditation, movies, msn, music, ocean, online journals, opera, outdoors, partying, people, photography, playgrounds, psychology, punk, rain, randomness, raves, road trips, rock, roller coasters, sailing, sarcasm, science, self love, sex, sexuality, shopping, singing, ska, skating, sleeping, smirnoff ice, socializing, spirituality, spontaneity, spying, stargazing, summer, surveys, susquehanna university, swimming, tattoos, teaching, techno, tennis, the simpsons, thunderstorms, travel, vegetarianism, vodka, volunteerism, water sports, wit
Friends:35: bekki_n, bouncepogo, butterfli08, cargoddess, cmndrcuddles, communities, communityads, communitypromo, comm_newbie, cyberion65, deepblue, edtheripper, eggshellsanity, fblaguy, flgoddess, fuckmegently, golfcart34, invite_codes, jons_slut, j_brew, lots42, madmravyn, mizz_nizz, purpleyfreak, queenanka, rockcandy76, rvdammit, shortsweetcynic, shriek, skynyrd, stormwind, tezzycs, weeeeeeeeeeeeee, whomecx, xmengrrl
Friend of:23: bouncepogo, cargoddess, cyberion65, deepblue, edtheripper, eggshellsanity, fblaguy, flgoddess, fuckmegently, golfcart34, gothice, jons_slut, madmravyn, purpleyfreak, queenanka, rvdammit, shortsweetcynic, shriek, skynyrd, stormwind, weeeeeeeeeeeeee, whomecx, xmengrrl
Member of:10: addmedamnit, communities, communityads, communitypromo, comm_newbie, friendz, invite_codes, journalwhore, over18, _blurtybuddies
Account type:Early Adopter

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