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Below is user information for metaldom. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:anarchytodolist (70044)  
Website:mike's page
Location:kingston, Rhode Island, United States
AOL IM:anarchytodolist (Add Buddy, Send Message)
ICQ UIN: 212835201 (Add User, Send Message)
Bio:my name is actually mike
instant message me if you want to talk im a very friendly person when you get to know me and i wont reject you so long as you dont lie to me

i have more than one aim the others are

it might seem based on my extended user info that im new to lj but im not i had to delete my old acount cause my mother/other people found it and started reading it this one is locked basically to my friends list so if u want to read it leave a message or email me or im me whatever you please but u must have an lj

will you be my perfect drug?

i cant be labeled not over ne period of time
yesterday u could have called me happy but that wont be back for a while
today you can call me emo cause i cry and lisen to dashboard
tommorow you can call me punk cause i will mock establishment
the day after that you can call me goth cause i wear black and hate everyone
the day after that you can call me a geek cause i will live in the computer lab and not talk to ne one except throught the computer
the day after that you can call me a fag cause ill support gay rights or b/c i like the theatre
the day after that you can call me whatever you like and that is what i will be
but add it all up and i am nothing i am everthing

The evil kitty loaf shall invade Livejournal!

Submit your will to that of the Loaf!

lol lol lol

join my comunities:

my other journals:
Interests:138: ..., 42, aim, all-american rejects, alucard, anarchy, antifreeze, atheism, being a cynical asshole, being a hopeless romantic, being different, being homeless, being sarcastic, being synical, bisexual, bob, bob the almighty, books, bouncing souls, brandon lee, c&c, castlevania, chains, chatting, clerks, cloves, concerts, crying, dark, death, death metal, diablo 2, dogs, douglas adams, drama, dropkick murphys, dune, dungens and dragons, eels, final fantasy, fire, fishnet shirts, flogging molly, frank herbert, free food, friends, gandolf, gauntlet, gbltsa, get up kids, godsmack, goth, gothic, having dyed hair, headbanging, heavy metal, hopeless romantic, hot topic, inteligence, irish drinking songs, isle of q, jack off jill, joydrop, junk food, kids in the hall, kittie, kmfdm, leather, legolas, lennon, lennon murphy, liquor, lit, little things, lj, love, matrix, matthew lillard, mdfmk, me as a girl, metal, moshing, movies, msi, mudvayne, my icon, nickleback, night, nightmare before christmas, nin, nin -hurt, not aol, not being confused, not boybands, not day, not everything religious, not lieing to me, not my mother, perks, pissing people off, plaid, poetry, promise ring, ps2, punk rock princess, qri, rain, reading, reel big fish, richter, rob zombie, saves the day, slacking, slc punk, smell of girls, snl, something corprate, spanglish, spike 1000, spikes, starting line, steven hawkins, steven king, strider, tbs, the ataris, the cow king, the crow, the end, the union underground, thirteen, thursday, vampire hunter d, vampyre, very bad things, weezer, women, writing
Friends:None listed.
Friend of:1: metaldom
Account type:Early Adopter

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