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Below is information about the "Low Calorie Recipes and Foods" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:ana_recipes (940902)  
Name:Low Calorie Recipes and Foods
1.) Do not join this community if you're looking to get an ED
2.) Please do not ask how to become ana / mia.
3.) No flaming/bashing any member of this community is allowed
4.) You must post within 30 days of joining & remain active or risk being deleted.
5.) Spamming non-related sites here is forbidden
6.) Post content must be in english language.
7.) No encouraging the use of drugs allowed.
8.) Please keep ALL CAPS to a minimum.
9.) Try and keep posts related to food and recipes. However, thinspiration and other aids can be added on occasion.

On joining, please post this:

Name/Nickname :
Age :
Current Weight :
Heighest Weight :
Lowest Weight :
Goal Weight :
Favourite Low Cal Food :
Interests:32: ana, anorexia, anorexic, bulimia, bulimic, calorie free, calories, cals, coffee, delicious, diet, ed-nos, ednos, fat free, food, fruit, jell-o, low calories, mia, models, not otherwise specified, recipe, recipes, rexie, salad, skinny, splenda, thin, vegetables, veggies, weightloss, yummy
Members:19: 20brittany06, alone_molly, cheeriness, eff_me_romance, ephemerall, hiximchristine, i_amlaurr, malia89, misskitty7, misswifey, ohxprettybaby, omgrawr, providence2009, seaglass, stalker_bitch, takeitaway80, to_the_bones, xoxsnugzxox, _candystars
Watched by:15: alone_molly, cheeriness, eff_me_romance, ephemerall, i_amlaurr, malia89, misskitty7, misswifey, ohxprettybaby, seaglass, skinnnbones, stalker_bitch, tastytreats, xamandamaley, xoxsnugzxox
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