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User:amyacker_ (201680)
Name:Amy Acker
Website:I lie.
Location:Dallas, Texas, United States
AOL IM:sorta like amy (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:What do you want again?

The coolest people I know :-*

_eliza_dushku__ - Liza owns. She's hot, funny, and president of the "I Love Amy" fanclub. Don't hate on the Amy/Liza love, because it's the best thing out there. Liza's the best. Ever. She wins, sorry. :-*

david__boreanaz - He has better hair than some girls. Well, okay he did... but he got that hair cut and now it just looks funny. And plus, his special talent is to look ooh-worthy in the color black. You know you're jealous.

prinzesprincess - The hottest blonde I know. I used to watch her on "All My Children" back when, and she's the cutest kid that's been on BK commericials... ever. Plus her hubby is Freddie Prinze Jr. -- Brownie points.

willed_aly - She's uber cute, rocked your socks in those American Pie movies, and you know you're all in love with her. She's so cool, some little no name band wrote a song about her. Hurr. And I'm in love with her.
Interests:44: :-*, ;), alexa davalos, alexis denisof, alyson hannigan, angel the series, being a dork, being cute, being lazy, books, buffy the vampire slayer, cartoons, charisma carpenter, chocolate, comics, cuddling, david boreanaz, eliza dushku, flirting, greasy foods, haha no, holding hands, horror movies, ice cream, j. august richards, james marsters, julie benz, junk food, kissing, love, me, michelle trachtenberg, nicholas brendon, other people, other stuff, reading, romance, sarah michelle gellar, sleeping in, tabloid magazines, texas, the x-files, video games, vincent karthieser
Friends:81: 0rlando_bl00m, ali___larter, allimack, american_kelly, ava_ballerina, a_pinkness, badbeckham, beatboxin_jrt, brittybaby, brynn_, caldwell_k, call_me_kendal, caser_affleck, comfortablyjohn, damon_m, darkangel_jess, david__boreanaz, dirrty_girl, iamdan, idol_with_ears, isla_fisher, jamesl_bass, jenna123, jessa_simpson, joel_from_gc, jonnyleemiller_, jorgesantos, katienoelleh, kiki_dunst_, kimsmith_, k_roe, lauralynne_xc, liljemsylee, lovethatkaos, mandy_ford, marcus_giles, mattphillippe, milena_kunis, miss_milian, mrbillymartin, mrprinzejr, m_schuman_, our_brutality, our_duality, prinzesprincess, rachelaguilera, rachstevens, reddingangel, rockinstaci, sarahxmadden, sarah_martinx, sexy_pierre, shanewest_, shaun__white, shayelizabeth, shelli___lynne, skatin_avril, slavedriverwade, sum_derek, sweetmandy, taubenfeldx, totallyxtara, trace_ayala_, va_nessa__c, willed_aly, xginger_reyesx, xolarisa, xreesecup, _benj_gc_, _christensen_, _eliza_dushku__, _hollyvalance_, _jenngarner, _jesse_colburn_, _lopez_, _lori_, _mumba_, _reality_, _screamer_joel_, _tonya_mitchell, __xchasezx__
Friend of:23: 0rlando_bl00m, call_me_kendal, carmen__r, comfortablyjohn, conor_oberst_, idol_with_ears, jakegyllenhaal_, jen_love_, joey_phatone, kinky_toph, maj_d, mila__kunis_, mrprinzejr, m___shinoda, nicholas_b, nick_the_dick, pa_posey, quinn_, shaun__white, simply_pierreb, trace_ayala_, x_eminem_x, _screamer_joel_
Member of:1: rpg_ads
Account type:Early Adopter

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