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User:amit_paul (15600)
Name:Amit Paul
Website:read it before you IM me
Location:Boden, Sweden
Bio:I'm Amit Paul from the A*teens. I'm the boy with black hair. I'M NOT THE BLONDE.

Nickname(s): Termit
Status: who cares
Born: October 29th 1983 in Boden, Sweden
Height: 5'8" (178 cm)
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Sign: Scorpio
Parents: Swaraj and Ann-Christin.
Sibling(s): Mandi (younger sister)
Pet(s): None. Mandi is allergic.
Most Embarrassing Moment: "I have done so much that I don't remember anything
Favorite car: Mercedes S-class, BMW Z-8
Motto: "Always look on the bright side of life (with following melody)."

(no I'm not really Amit this is Role play, repeat after me role play. it's fake. Don't IM asking if I'm really amit, because you will be laughed at. also do not comment or IM me in Swedish I do not speak it)
Interests:36: a*teens, aaron carter, abba, backstreet boys, being in love, bj carter, bugging my sister, cori yarkin, dancing, dhani, dhani lennevald, dream, eating, fun, jungle scream, making icons, mandira, marie, marie serneholt, michael jackson, movies, music, my sister, n*sync, oic, play, sara, sara lumholdt, smiling, sweden, swedish candy, talking to dhani, talking to people, the carters, touring, united states
Friends:167: abenson, alexis_d, alisonlarter, allixmack, alyssa__milano, aly_l_hannigan, amit_paul, amysmart, amy_a, annapaquin, anson_mount, appleby__, ashlee_s, ashleyboyangel, a_mclean, barry_mark, bbmak_christian, bbmak_mcnally, breckinxmeyer, brendan__fehr, brittany_mrphy, brokster_bri, buschy, celebrity__skin, channingtatum, charisma__, chrissy_girl, chris_kirky, chris__carrabba, clairexdanes, clare__kramer, clumsy_canadian, colin__hanks, craig__nicholls, cs__icons, cs__mods, cs__news, cs__ooc, damiankulash, dangerous_james, devvy_boi, diaz_cam, distiller_brody, ecaulfield, elena__katina__, elijah_jordan, emily__vancamp, eric_kufs, eric_lively, eternal_eliza, ewan, e__balfour, foolishjustin_g, frances_andy, f__p__j, gc_sickboy, gregory_s, grlsdigbassists, hani, hayden__c_, holly_mc, hottiedan69, h__valance, iyari_limon_, jacobyoung, james_franco, jd_rooney, jennifer_love_h, jenny_frosty, jesse_b, jessica_, joel_from_gc, johnny_rzeznik, jordana_brewstr, joshuascott, joss_whedon, jules_b, justifiedtlake, j_behr, j_harnett, j_lance_bass, kateb, katona, kelly_d, kell_bell, kentuckyxtrain, kentucky_kev, ken_beck, laetitia, latinlover, leigh_wallace, lenked, leo_w_dicaprio, lillard__, lil_reese, livvie__tyler, liz_mcclarnon, llevin, luke_w, marieh_d, mariexserneholt, marla_sokoloff_, martin__billy, mayte_rodriguez, mckellen, miaxkirshner, michelle_t, missrussell, miss_milian, mr_mathers, msdarlin, natashahamilton, nate__dushku, nicky_brendon, otown_trevor, padmexnat, p_walker_, queen_slice, rach_l_cook, rock_starr_x, sarahmgellar, sara__l, scott_caan, sethy_n_greeny, shane__west__, simon_x_cowell, simply_simpson, siren_majandra, sossamon_shan, strong_, sweet_shannon, tamyra_gray_, tara__reid__, taryn__m, tobeym, ventimiglia, viciousxbenji, vkartheiser, v_diesel, will_estes, wl_bryan, wl_mark, wl_nicky, xlaurenb, xorlando_bloomx, xscottx, yulia_tatu, zdeschanel, _alexis, _carmel, _chriqui, _colinfarrell, _david_, _free, _katieholmes_, _kiki, _klkreuk_, _mandymoore_, _milakunis_, _monica_keena_, _nickcarter_, _sexay__tay_, _t_lucca, _wl_kian, __devon, __james__, __spears
Account type:Early Adopter

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