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User:american_reject (77412)
Name:Breath of Life
Location:North Carolina, United States
AOL IM:Stimulate Desire (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:I tend to fall outside the norm and that's just the way I like it. I have a fetish for flip-flops and palm trees, and a need to stay in comfy fun-filled pj's all day. In my previous life I must have been a cat because my ideal day would be lounging around the house with a good book, or relaxing at the beach digging my toes in the sand and occasionally playing in the water. Clinging to my childhood I tend to conform to the rules of Spongebob Squarepants rather than society. You will never prove to me differently that an animal is not a good listener, whether it be cat, dog, or fish. Music is a constant in my life and if it's not playing on my stereo or computer than it's coming out of my semi-talented vocal chords. My only form of manipulation is through words, and with the flexibility of language and a large amount of hope one day I could venture into a bookstore and discover my name staring back at me on one of their stands. Trusting my faithful friend 'Vague' I remain free from many chains that hold desperate people down for years, yet I'm open enough to befriend anyone with a friendly smile. With the nickname of Kiwi; unexpected things are bound to happen, so I take life one day at a time, like a breath, in and out. The breath of life. :) I am finally into making my own layouts and icons. It's a slow process but I'm lovin' it! :D
Interests:66: 3 doors down, a perfect circle, acrylic paint, adventure, afi, agnostics, artists, australia, beach, bill maher, brain teasers, candlelit dinners, candles, cdc, comedians, creativity, culture, daydreaming, dean koontz, dmb, enya, exlovers, flip-flop fetish, florida, friends, graffiti, hopeless romantics, html stuff, india, kiwis, knowledge, laughter, liberals, lovers, lyrcist genius, memories, men, monkeys, moulin rouge, movies, music, napster, obx, palm trees, perfect mornings, philosophy, pj's, poems, politics, psychology, reading, red sunsets, rollerblading, soaking rays, spongebob, steak, surprises, swimming, talent, tattoos, the inexplicable, tropical, vanilla sky, volleyball, weird crap, writing
Friends:8: ange1rachel, carinoso, closetnutcase, hurtmytruth, punkr0ckchick9, vynara, _brokenapart_, _eversosweet
Friend of:29: ange1rachel, closetnutcase, crazynlonely, crazyq_pid4u, ducks_dig_me, emo_kiddo, evilqueen23, hinke_dees, hinkles_stub22, if_i_die, jrm_roxmysox, misunderstood37, p0p_sucks182, peachy_ooo, punkr0ckchick9, punk__fetiish, shortie_, sullenautumn, tap_that_shit, ticklexmexpink, twiggybaby0982, twisted_punk, u_suck_b1g_time, xdashboardloser, xdorkxrockx, xixlikexdorksx, xpunkiishx, _brokenapart_, _shortie_
Member of:2: all_things_rock, escape_it
Account type:Early Adopter

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