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User:amandy_leigh (253304)  
Name:Amanda Leigh Moore
Bio:I'd be Mandy. *Smiles* Amanda Leigh Moore and stuff. Nice to meet you. This is my journal. You're reading it because I either told you to, or because you're bored and lost your way while searching for cheez-nips on the internet, or something.

[Not Mandy. Love or leave.]
Interests:74: alien ant farm, american hi-fi, benji, billy, blink 182, bon jovi, brand new, breaking benjamin, cashdogg, chevelle, daniel beddingfield, dashboard confessonal, evanescence, final fantasy, gc, good charlotte, green day, jimmy eat world, joel, joel madden, kittie, l'arc~en~ciel, lara fabian, larisa oleynik, les rhythmes digitales, lifehouse, lit, lucky 7, michelle branch, midtown, music, new found glory, no doubt, nsync, papa roach, paul, poe, pouncing joel, roleplaying, rping, sarah and tegan, saves the day, scaring people off, silverchair, simple plan, singing, skunk anasie, something corporate, sugarcult, sum 41, switchblade symphony, taking back sunday, taproot, tbs, tegan and sarah, the all-american rejects, the atari's, the dixie chicks, the exies, the hissyfits, the juliana theory, the movielife, the music, the reunion show, the starting line, the strokes, the tuesdays, the used, the weekend, the*atari's, trapt, utada hikaru, vanessa carlton, x-men
Friends:4: character_call, independant_rp, rpg_ads, rpg_personals
Member of:5: all_access, character_call, independant_rp, rpg_ads, rpg_personals
Account type:Free User

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