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User:amanda__moore (42259)  
Name:Amanda Leigh Moore
Website:... I said "Like" Candy...
Location:Los Angeles, California, United States
AOL IM:AmandyxMoore (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Oh, please, you knew it was just time 'til I got in on the fun! xD

The name's Amanda Leigh Moore. Mandy Moore, actually.

*Nod* I knew you'd remember.

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Amanda Leigh Moore amanda__moore
User Number: 42259
Date Created:12-22-2002
Number of Posts: 18

Mandy is a singer/actress. You know, that girl that was in that movie A Walk To Remember? I know you saw it... Anyways, she tends to be hyper and bubbly and likes to annoy her friends. She's Tony Lovato's little sister and only he can call her Squirt because she said so. She wears pajamas with sheepies and piggies on them and orders Chinese takeout at 3 AM because she's just. That. Weird. She's engaged to the ghettoest guy on your block because, um, she's cooler than you and madly in love with him.
Strengths: She'll do anything for her friends, so may we suggest you don't fuck with them? She's an 'okay' DDR-er, is friendly, and doesn't ask for much. She doesn't really care what people think of her. We think that's a strength. Might be a weakness. I'unno.
Weaknesses: She's annoying, rambles, tends not to shut up, and pushes people too much. She's easily amused and distracted.
Special Skills: Singing, Acting, DDRing, professional go-kart racing, stunt woman, cleaning, police woman, single-handedly saved a kitten from a burning twig.
Weapons: Purity and innocence. They're a killer.
Allies: Joel Madden, Tony Lovato, Benji Madden, Larisa Oleynik, Avril Lavigne, Talena Atfield

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[I'm not Mandy Moore. This is an RP journal. Don't like it? Just click the X.]
Interests:75: alien ant farm, american hi-fi, benji, billy, blink 182, bon jovi, brand new, breaking benjamin, cashdogg, chevelle, daniel beddingfield, dashboard confessonal, evanescence, final fantasy, gc, good charlotte, green day, jimmy eat world, joel, joel madden, kittie, l'arc~en~ciel, lara fabian, larisa-with-one-s, les rhythmes digitales, lifehouse, lit, loving larisa-with-one-s up, lucky 7, michelle branch, midtown, music, new found glory, no doubt, nsync, papa roach, paul, poe, pouncing joel, roleplaying, rping, sarah and tegan, saves the day, scaring people off, silverchair, simple plan, singing, skunk anasie, something corporate, sugarcult, sum 41, switchblade symphony, taking back sunday, taproot, tbs, tegan and sarah, the all-american rejects, the atari's, the dixie chicks, the exies, the hissyfits, the juliana theory, the movielife, the music, the reunion show, the starting line, the strokes, the tuesdays, the used, the weekend, the*atari's, trapt, utada hikaru, vanessa carlton, x-men
Friends:70: allman_quinn, ally_donna_r, amanda__moore, amy__xx, aslavetocheese, ava_delonge, a_lazzara, a_pinkness, bangin_jesse, blood_clot, brann_matthew, brittanyxm, britty_j_spears, brodyxarms, canada_rules, chazy_b, chels_croft, cowell_simon, david__d, ejxlovato, ej_lovato, eliza_dsku, foxxy_bass, gimlit_666, hurr_celebs, hurr_convos, hurr_icons, hurr_love, hurr_lyrics, hurr_mods1, hurr_mods2, hurr_ooc, jen_delonge, jeph_is_used, justin_r_t, kari_delonge, katie__holmes__, kell_lee, kkelly_clarkson, lil_sarahmadden, loserdrummergc, maria__aguilera, markxhoppus, matty_lovato, michelle_l, michelle_nolan, monsieurpierre, mrcraignicholls, rancid_tim, sebastien_, shakiraaa, shanewest_, shanna_, skatin_avril, skye_hoppus, sum_bizzy, sum_stevo, taubenfeldx, tommy_delonge, travisbarker182, xolarisa, xx_benji_xx, _beloved_, _hayhay_, _jere_rangel, _meagan_, _regret_, _reid, _screamer_joel_, __amy
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