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Below is user information for allyex. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:allyex (11487)
Name:allyex're not alone...
Location:Vancouver, BC, Canada
AOL IM:bootsyzz (Add Buddy, Send Message)
ICQ UIN: 13320106 (Add User, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:crowbaby4evr (Add User, Send Message)
Jabber:wtf is jabber?
5 Things about allyex!

1. I have kids- 3 boys & a girl! *a single mother!*
2. I am a DDR freak! Rawk on DDR maniacs!
3. Music and movies are a passion of mine.
4. I am a loving, romantic, caring person (hah when I am allowed to be!)
5. My kids are my life!

This Blurty is....*insert cheesy music here*
friends only

But...if you add me, I usually will add you back!
(only under odd circumstances would I *not* add someone!)

*huggles to all!*

My other links:

Diaryland diary
Picture Blurty
Darryn's LJ!
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Hey there stranger
Do you remember?
You were a part of my life
Early December
Think I remember
Sentiment cuts like a knife
The seasons are changing
Life's rearranging
Full of could-have-dones
"It’s all your fault"
and "where've you been"
And how times goes
And though I don't even know
How to fill in the spaces
Of the love you've erased in my life

Are you where you wanted to be?
Did you get there easily?
Did ít make you sacrifice?
Did you make a sharp left
When you should have turned right?
Are you where you wanted to be?
Did you sell off all of your gold
Did you trade it in?
Did you wait for love
Or settle for somebody to hold?

And barely symphonic
But strangely ironic
Moments contained in one glance
Oh how I adored you
But now I'm ignored by you.
No evidence of romance
And now it's vaguely familiar
I think I remember sharing every single intimacy
It doesn't seem so strange to me that we barely entertained
Even the politest of phrases
But sometimes at night
I conjure you up in my mind.

Are you where you wanted to be?
Did you get there easily?
Did it make you sacrifice?
Did you make a sharp left
when you should have turned right?
Are you where you wanted to be?
Did you sell off all of your gold
Did you trade it in?
Did you wait for love
Or settle for somebody to hold.

While I was busy
Perfecting the art
Of deflecting compliments
I took it too far
And I let a rip run right through my heart
Of battle stations we're building
You and I just grew apart
We grew apart

While I decided
To make everyone else happy
I just put aside
My foolish pride
I guess I denied
My own desire
I was too busy pleasing
To ever be pleased
I forgot how to breathe
Or question anything
Or ask why?
Am I?

Am I where I wanted to be?
Did I get here easily?
Did I make a sacrifice?
Did I take a sharp left
When I should have turned right?
Am I where I wanted to be?
Can I sell off all of my gold?
Can I trade it in?
Will I wait for love
Or settle for somebody to hold.

I'd settle for somebody to hold now

You know that I've been up and I've been down
I've been picked up and spun around
I'd do it all again
If I could just have somebody to hold now
I just need somebody to hold me now
Could somebody hold me now?
I just want somebody to hold me now
I'd do it all again…

Interests:144: a knights tale, adobe photoshop, amy grant, animating, animation, anime, ashcroft, australia, beetlejuice, billy idol, blues clues, bon jovi, bondi beach, boomtown, brandon lee, breakfast club, brisbane, bryan adams, california, camping, canadian music, cartoons, cats, children, christian slater, collages, collectables, computers, concerts, corey feldman, corey haim, corey hart, court tv, cultures, darren hayes, ddr, def leppard, denis leary, digital cameras, digital photography, disney movies, dogs, donnie wahlberg, doogie howser md, drawing, dufferin, dvds, e-mail, edward scissorhands, eminem, flying, friendship, garfield, george harrison, gizmo, gowan, gremlins, guitars, hard to find songs, having fun, heath ledger, hedgehogs, hiking, home theatre, image design, incense, japan, joe mcintyre, john lennon, johnny depp, jonathan knight, julia roberts, kamloops, kurt cobain, law and order, love, lyrics, macgyver, madonna, magic knight rayearth, mark wahlberg, matthew sweet, men, metallica, michael jackson, mp3s, msn messanger, music, my boys, neil patrick harris, nickelback, nicolas cage, nirvana, nkotb, old school, online quizzes, ozzy, paint shop pro, photography, piercings, playstation 2, posters, pow wow chat, ps2, rainbow brite, reading, really cheesy 80s movies, relationships, remixes, rock n roll, sailor moon, sandra bullock, savage garden, scrapbooking, seattle, songs, soulmates, starbucks, stereos, stickers, strawberry shortcake, stuart townsend, subway, sydney, talk shows, techno, the beatles, the crow, the osbournes, tom petty, toys, trading mp3s, traveling, traveling wilburys, true love, true romance, two hands, untamed heart, vampire chronicles, vancouver, video games, videos, web design, winona ryder
Friends:None listed.
Friend of:26: athenadiana, beautifulmess, blotto, chalkapple, crosbystills, decliningminds, dpgurl1999, fireflyeight, glitter_blossom, itbemindy, i_heart_bradley, jenhope, jennfromtx, jlm1779, lindag, midget, nefas, prezzemolo, purplerain, rachelslivecam, shortenm, spoiledlilbrat, spongebob_1986, sunandmoon_02, x_darryn_x, yesterday
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Account type:Early Adopter

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