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Below is user information for .:[cobain corazon <|3 ]:.. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:allicatt (150372)
Name:.:[cobain corazon <|3 ]:.
Location:New York, United States
Interests:45: "lost", b-i-g-p-o-p-p-a!!, big vocabulary words, billy talent!!, classical music, ed norton, fight club, folly!!, grunge, guitars, insightful multidimensional poetry, intellectuals, jackass, janis joplin, jared leto, john bender, johnny depp, johnny knoxville, kill bill, kittens!!, kurt cobain, laughing, led zeppelin, loathing the red sox, lord of the rings, luda, manson, mindless self indulgence, movies, my blankie, new york yankees, nirvana, philosophy, pulp fiction, queen, sand road, sarcasm, shawshank redemption, sublime, system of a down!!, the beatles, the breakfast club, the sandlot, tyler durden, volkswagon jettas
Friends:35: anti_average, babie_gel, barkaatmasud, biggiesize, biglebowski, cherried_chick, citranooo, crimson_dragon, deeshortay, droolpoolfojoel, drownmymemory, erik123, eveninyouth, gladiatorsdream, ifuckedjoel, ilickedbenji, ilovebradpitt, imyourdensity, ivegoneinsane, iwanttobeaspork, jenmoa, kultovazazel, mac3188, maggzconfuzzled, monkeysexs, mrsmojorisin67, nyxero, sweetieekayy, sweetiekay, thecat_inthehat, the_blah, westpitti, xkrazililkrisx, xoxojylie, x_intuiti0n
Friend of:21: babie_gel, biggiesize, bradmortensen, cherried_chick, deeshortay, droolpoolfojoel, drownmymemory, drugxofxlust, erik123, eveninyouth, ilickedbenji, imgumbydamnit, imyourdensity, kultovazazel, loveee_, mac3188, maggzconfuzzled, sexuel_fromage, sweetieekayy, xkrazililkrisx, x_intuiti0n
Account type:Early Adopter

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