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Below is user information for NotListening. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:allamerican3178 (392123)
Location:Santa Barbara, California, United States
Bio:Adopt your own useless blob!
Interests:149: 311, abercrombie and fitch, acting stupid, adidas, almond snickers, alternative rock, american eagle, american hi-fi, ashton kutcher, autumn, backstage passes, bananas, beauty, being home alone, being hyper, being loud, being outgoing, blah blah blah, blankets, blink 182, blue eyes, blue skies, bonnie and clyde, box car racer, britney spears, bubble baths, candles, car washes, cell phones, chai lattes, chinese food, chips ahoy, chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate covered strawberries, christianity, coffee, colin farrell, converse, dancing, dark brown eyes, doing nothing, dr. pepper, driving, drums, ducks, english accents, everwood, falling asleep watching movies, finch, french fries, friends, frosties, funny movies, good charlotte, guitars, gum, gummy bears, guys, heath ledger, hersey's kisses, horror movies, hot chocolate, hot dogs, hugs, ihop, independence, jason wade, journals, kisses, kneehead, late night movies, laughing, laverne and shirley, laying out, lifehouse, lipgloss, loud music, love, make-up, malibu dreams, malls, marvin the martian, mascara, matchbox 20, milkshakes, mix cds, movies, nail polish, new found glory, next door neighbors, norah jones, oreos, pacific sunwear, pajamas, parties, pazookies, people watching, pictures, piercings, pillows, pink lemonade, pools, popcorn, princess sofia, procrastinating, radio, rain, red hair, red mustangs, roller skating, romantic movies, roses, running, sandals, secrets, shakespeare, shoes, shooting stars, shopping, singing, sleeping, smiling, socks, spandex, squirt guns, starbucks, staying up late, sugar plums, summer, sunrises & sunsets, sunshine, surprises, sweatshirts, swimming, taking pictures, talking, the all american rejects, the beach, the energizer bunny, vanilla coke, volleyball, wasting time, weekends, whipped silk lotion, white chocolate dream lattes, window shopping, winter, writing
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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