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User:alfador (91636)
Name:a familiar voice
Website:Wish Listy List
Location:Pennsylvania, United States
Bio:this is the journal of a disenchanted teen.

community for cutters who like what they do.

i claimed the band D'arey October in claimyourband
i claimed the bands Denali, One Breath, The I In Team, and Six21 inclaim_the_music
i claimed Steve Penta's Skullblaster in equip_claim
i claimed Steve Penta and Tucker Stewart in claimursinger
i claimed Maura Davis in claimavocalist
i claimed Choose Your Own Adventure in claim_a_band
i claimed Alyson Hannigan and Jeremiah Stoyer in claimacutie
i claimed Counting Crows and Bryan Piontek in claim_watu_want
i claimed Since The Fall and posi socks in claimstuff___
i claimed James Reber, Jon Sayer and Mike Piontek in r0ckstarxclaimz
i claimed Bobby Leary, Sean McMann, Entropy, the video "Hurt" by Johnny Cash, Froggy Meets Tire, Maiku Pai, Indie Rock, Ska, Catch 22, Seal, Frou Frou, "Short Stories with Tragic Endings" by Autumn To Ashes, "The Closest Thing" by The Juliana Theory, "Love to hate, hate to me" by Static Lullaby, Mixed Tapes, Fraggle Rock Theme, "Evil E" by D'arey October, Six21, College Radio, and Je Souhaite in xmusicxclaimx

Memories:78 entries
Interests:139: 80's movies, ?, alyson hannigan, american history x, animals, anti-flag, art, back to the future, bass guitar, being random, books, bowling, buffy the vampire slayer, calvin and hobbes, camera, caring, cds, choose your own adventure, christina aguilera, christina ricci, chrono trigger, circle pits, classical, comedy, concerts, counting crows, creativity, cyoa, d'arey october, dancing my ass off, dashboard confessional, dead poets society, death, denali, diesel sweeties, donnie darko, dreamers, drums, edward norton, emo, fantasy, feeble attempt, fight club, final fantasy, fire walk with me, five minute freakshow, fraggle rock, freakalos, friends, frou frou, germany, get fuzzy, goonies, gremlins, history, horror, idiocy, indie, indie rock, individuality, jazz, je souhaite, jenna jameson, john cusack, jrock, julia stiles, kevin smith movies, keyboards, kinky, local music, local shows, making it right, manufactored emo bands, maura davis, metal, metropolis, mindless self indulgence, mixed cds, mixed tapes, mosh clockwise, moshing, movies, music, nes, new port south, ninja, odium, one breath, opera, orange cones, painting, patches, pets, phantom planet, photography, photos, piano, pictures, pins, poetry, politics, punk, punk-rock, rain, reading, red night, rock, rocking out, ruinyourlife, say anything, sci-fi, screamo, self infliction, serpents that swim, since the fall, six21, ska, skagging, skanking, snail mail, star trek, star wars, stars, stomping, super nintendo, sxe, techno, teenage mutant ninja turtles, the crow, the goonies, the i in team, the x-files, two step, vampires, wishes, wishing on a star, wolfpac, writing, x-files
Friends:43: antixgod, beatifulcuts, bitexme, camelcigarettes, chadfelldown_19, claimacutie, claimavocalist, claimstuff___, claimursinger, claimyourband, claim_a_band, claim_the_music, claim_watu_want, dreamer_xxx_1, drop_dead_ugly, equip_claim, fuck_the_usa138, gwenn, heroforhire, imadork88, insane_psycho, jim_fear, lerking_giraffe, lilsexykim42069, local_pa_music, lord_velos, margauxs_horror, nerine, nolights, r0ckstarxclaimz, rancid_suckah, ranecloude, rednight, scandalousandal, silentium, simplypeachy, suicidekitten, thetruecoolkids, the_grey_scale, typical_me, xmusicxclaimx, xonelastcryx, xxkimmerz143
Friend of:16: dreamer_xxx_1, gwenn, heroforhire, imadork88, insane_psycho, jim_fear, lerking_giraffe, lord_velos, margauxs_horror, nerine, rancid_suckah, ranecloude, rednight, silentium, simplypeachy, typical_me
Member of:19: beatifulcuts, claimacutie, claimavocalist, claimstuff___, claimursinger, claimyourband, claim_a_band, claim_the_music, claim_watu_want, drop_dead_ugly, easternpakids, equip_claim, girlsinbands, local_pa_music, overseas, penpals, quiz, r0ckstarxclaimz, survey
Account type:Early Adopter

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