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Below is user information for alexor robo-saur. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:alexishope (148920)
Name:alexor robo-saur
Location:Seattle, Washington, United States
AOL IM:alexishopeless (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:hi, i'm alexis.

Cell: 425-417-3453
Home: 425-747-6817



Interests:150: 80's music, aimee mann, alfred hitchcock, american gladiators, angular momentum, anime, apples to apples, astrophysics, belle & sebastian, billie holiday, björk, black and white films, blind date, blur, books, brian eno, bus hopping, catching allusions, chaos theory, chemistry, chinese culture, chobits, comic book history, computer games, constitutional law, cuddling, dali on acid, david bowie, dinosaur fruit snacks, drop dead fred, dune, edgar allen poe, el salvador, electronic music, ella fitzgerald, ender's game, entropy, final fantasy, flcl, fleece, fractal mathematics, freezing temperatures, french language, glam rock, godfather's lunch buffet, hating on poetry, heckling, hitchhiker's guide, hoodies, hugs, indiana jones, innocence, inside jokes, international politics, j. alfred prufrock, jazz, jedi, joan jett, jonathan rhys meyers, journalism, kingdom hearts, lain, laser shows, late nights, libraries, lightening, lightsabers, lisa herrera, lizards, long sleeves, long train rides, loud music, madness, magneto, making robots, manga, math, modest mouse, monsters, morrissey, museums, new york city, nick drake, noise terror, offbeat fashion, old spy movies, open minds, orange, oscar wilde, pacific science center, performance art, philosophy, pike's place market, pinball, placebo, plastic bugs, playstation 2, polka dots, pop art, pulp, radiohead, rain, records, richard nixon, robots, rocky horror picture show, roller coasters, run-on sentences, rusty pennies, rye chips, sarcasm, scaring children, science, scooters, scrabble, seattle, singing ties, ska, sleater-kinney, sleeping, snow, snowboarding, soulseek, space pirates, spirited away, star wars, tea cups, the beastie boys, the beatles, the cars, the children's museum, the cure, the internet, the nightmare before christmas, the smiths, the unicorns, the velvet underground, thumb wars, thunderstorms, trivial pursuit, twiggy, vampires, velvet goldmine, video games, wired magazine, world domination,, ye-ye pop, youth action faction, zoo animals
Friends:19: bigbadbarton, cadyssecret, cafebutterfly, dailyromance, elsalvadorrules, euphoriakid, gaucherie, iloveyouyesyou, imaginess, jiggajizake, onemotime, pretentiousgirl, prudebutluvable, queenjuliette, samuelhgarfield, socialdrive, tedward2k, you_rocks, zenamichelle
Account type:Early Adopter

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