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User:alabastard (577149)
Name:The Lucius
Location:Massachusetts, United States
Bio:Textbook Scorpio to some, as Slytherin as one can be, unbreakable, perhaps the palest person you will ever meet, and I've got natural fangs, hair long and blonde. Notorious, Dark Angel, everyone's devil, default bastard, instigator ... 45, or 450, depending on the person you ask. I live at the Manor with some pretty spiffy people.

Ballet and Operatically trained, I can still rip up the dance floor, can sing from malevolent bass to angelic soprano. I've also dabbled as composer, writer, stuntman, artist, acrobat, actor, balletic fiend, and rider/horseman. I write lyrics and music compulsively, and am starting to enjoy the thought of acting again after a horrific experience with the very kinds of people that turned me away from theatre in the first place. I am fond of martial arts and swordplay, I write stories you may or may never see. If you like what you see, please leave a comment or note so I know you are here.

Interests:146: 17th century, 18th century, acrobat, acting, aerial dance, alchemy, antiques, archery, arias, ballet, baroque, baroque horses, baudelaire, bel canto, betta fish, black adder, black milksnakes, boa constrictors, boas, bones, buggery, capes, castles, castrati, cats, cavalia, cello, chi, chinese herbs, choreography, christopher walken, cirque du soleil, classical dance, classical music, classical riding, cloaks, costuming, countertenors, court dances, curses, dancing, dandies, dangerous liaisons, dark arts, dark lords, dead can dance, deatheaters, draft horses, dragons, dressage, duels, early music, edgar allan poe, eels, enya, evil overlords, fencing, flamenco dance, friesians, ghosts, gladiator, gothic, haendel, haldir, hamlet, harpsichord, haunting, herbs, highwaymen, horseback riding, horses, iberian horses, jousting, kung fu, languages, les liaisons dangereuses, leucistic rat snakes, lightning, lilacs, lipizzaners, lisa gerrard, little britain, long leather coats, lord byron, lord of the rings, loreena mckennitt, lucius malfoy, magic, magick, malfoy, martial arts, medieval chargers, moonlight, mythology, new orleans, nightwish, opera, pagan, paris, percherons, peruvian longucauda boas, philosophy, pirates, poetry, priesians, serpents, shakespeare, shires, silver, singing, slytherin, snakes, sopranists, star wars, statuary, storms, strength, stuntman, sunscreen, swashbuckling, swordfighting, swords, swordsmanship, tango, the young ones, theatre, therion, tolkien elves, travel, valmont, vampires, vaulting, velvet, villains, villainy, viola, viola da gamba, violin, vivaldi, voldemort, waltzes, war horses, weight training, witchcraft, wizards, writing
Friends:None listed.
Friend of:1: alabastardragon
Account type:Free User

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