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User:akurei (67300)
Website:s t i t c h e d - u p . n e t
Interests:83: 12 stones, 30 seconds to mars, a perfect circle, adema, against all authority, alice in chains, anti-flag, apop, assemblage 23, bella morte, blindside, blink 182, bush, candlebox, chevelle, closure, coheed and cambria, covenant, creed, croc shop, deadstar assembly, default, disturbed, epidemic, evanescence, faith no more, finch, flaw, from autumn to ashes, frontline assembly, godsmack, green day, him, hocico, hoobastank, hot hot heat, ill nino, imperative reaction, in strict confidence, iron maiden, jewel, keepsake, kill hannah, lifehouse, linkin park, live, metallica, michelle branch, midtown, mindless self indulgence, new found glory, nickelback, nine inch nails, orgy, paparoach, project pitchfork, ra, rammstein, reel big fish, saliva, scars of life, seven channels, smilin liar, spice girls, stabbing westward, staind, stone sour, system of a down, the cure, the echoing green, the offspring, the scorpions, the smashing pumpkins, the used, the wallflowers, thrice, to/die/for, underoath, unloco, vnv nation, wolfsheim, wumpscut, zeromancer
Friends:5: addme, missoblivious, radio_flyer, synthpop_inc, vain
Account type:Early Adopter

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