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Below is user information for Airerosien of the Teleri. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:airerosien (41406)
Name:Airerosien of the Teleri
AOL IM:SlaveofAragorn (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Name: I am Airerosien of the Teleri, the third and greatest host of the Eldar.

Gender: female

Physical Description: 5' 9"; long, braided red hair, blue eyes; pale complexion; features not overly striking for an elf

Weapons of Choice: Masmune sword, triple-bladed daggers

History: The elves awoke to the sound of water falls and the first light they saw were the stars. I was born not logn after, as the lives of elves go, and I was there when the first of the Valar came to lead the elves to safety in the West. I started the trip West, but decided to remain behind. Although I have existed since long before Sauron forged the rings, few know of me, for I have lived a solitary life and seldom interacted with the people of Middle Earth.
When Sauron's evil spread, I joined the battle against him. At the foot of Mt. Doom, I fought against Sauron and saw Isildur cut off Sauron's finger. I knew deep sorrow when the Ring was not destroyed. At this time, I also learned healing, so I might help the many who feel during battle.

After the war, I returned to the woods and wandered alone, waiting for the day when Sauron would rise again. For with the Ring still intact, I knew that day must come.
Once again, I joined the ranks of the elves and battled for the freedom of Middle Earth. No words can tell the joy I felt at the destruction of the Ring and Sauron.
Now that peace has returned, I have decided to remain in Middle Earth. Perhaps I shall go West someday, but not yet.

Relationships: long,long ago, I was engaged to an Elven man, but when I decided not to go West, we parted.

During the first war against Sauron, I entered an unusual relationship with a man, but he was killed on the foot of Mt Doom. His death made me return to my solitary life.
Since that time, there has been nobody.

Other: I once escaped from the Dark Rider, whom took many elves and turned them into orcs. I am one of the few to have escaped his clutches, but my two brothers were taken.

Interests:22: aragorn, boromir, elrond, elves, ents, fighting, frodo, gandalf, gimli, healing, hobbits, legolas, men, merry, middle earth, nature, one ring, pippin, rivendell, sauron, shadows of mordor rpg, teleri
Friends:43: ar_feiniel, balrog_cookie, barmaid, dis, displacedhobbit, dralanatrestar, dubhloach, elu_thingol, eol_dark_elf, eowynofrohan, erestor, faeryaria, faxyzenutcase, foodishgood, frodosgardenar, haldiroflorien, haleth, kementari, lord_elrond, manofgondor, morgoth, queenofcats, regallegolas, riddermark_lord, shadowsrpg, sharkey, silverqueen, thedarklord, theoden, thepreciousss, the_golden, thrandos, tormentedhobbit, wormtongue, _araphor_, _brego_, _celeborn_, _elladan_, _elrohir_, _evenstar_, _glorfindel_, _goldberry_, _merry_
Friend of:27: ar_feiniel, barmaid, displacedhobbit, elu_thingol, eowynofrohan, frodosgardenar, gandalf, general_saklani, haldiroflorien, kingelessar, ladyoftears, manofgondor, regallegolas, rikamaster, silverqueen, tauron, theoden, the_golden, tormentedhobbit, wormtongue, _brego_, _celeborn_, _elladan_, _erestor_, _evenstar_, _goldberry_, _merry_
Member of:1: shadowsrpg
Account type:Early Adopter

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