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User:ainoassassin (173753)
Name:Amarice Sky


Welcome to my "journal", which, as you can see, really is not much of one, as I am not utilizing it for personal purposes. Rather, I simply created it in order to comment and read friends' journal entries, participate in various communities, and even moderate a few of my own. Interested in reading about my personal life?


Not the world's most captivating read, I know, but simply a heads-up on where it may be found.




Hanako and Kasumi, having developed a sort of mother-daughter relationship, had decided to embark on what they referred to as a “girls’ day out” for the afternoon. Takeshi had more than willingly left them to their ways, but Satoshi, who had been searching for an excuse to abandon his training for the day, had practically begged to come as well, and after quite a bit of his infamous “puppy dog eyes” routine, they had reluctantly agreed to let him tag along.
      Ai no Uta

No matter what others may call him, to me, he is simply Harry, my Harry, the one whom I bestow upon my open adoration, the one whom I have watched grow and mature with favor in my jewel-bright eyes. Perhaps he is not aware of my ever watchful gaze, taking note of each move, right down to his last breath, but it matters not, for I am content with keeping my unwavering vigil. My Harry has yet to truly experience the many wonders and lessons of life, and I do not intent to miss a single second if I can help it.
      At What Price?

He stood there, head bowed and hands folded in solemn silence, body clothed in black, the colour of death, of everlasting sleep. His usual Pokémon League hat had been discarded for the time being, leaving nothing but spiky locks of ebony to shadow eyes long dried of tears. His gaze was focused downward, riveted to a small, picturesque monument decorated with fresh flowers, jovial and vibrant against such bleak conditions, a weak attempt to add life to an impossibly desolate place.
      Catch Me When I Fall

Riveted, I watch as it daintily spreads its delicate wings and alights from my palms, fluttering gently about me in circles before rising to greater heights, my gaze continuing to follow it still. Somehow, as it increases speed and disappears into the sky, I feel as though it has carried with it my heavy burden… And a bit of my soul as well.
      Golden Wings

The silence was deafening as he took to the road with nothing but the clothes he wore and the pack he carried as his possessions. Several times, the urge to cease his trek and return, to cradle his love safely in his arms, to tell her he would never again even think of departing from her struck, but he stubbornly refused to succumb to his desires and continued without allowing himself even the luxury of a final glance over his shoulder.

'So now I have to do the dirty work,' the lean redhead scowled, letting his feet slip out from under him as he sat to rest for a minute or two. 'Honestly,' he leaned back upon the softness of the grass, closing his eyes and simply enjoying the silence. He supposed he might have dozed off, for the next thing he knew, he was roused from his comfortable position by the sound of a twig snapping. Heart beating a little faster, he scrambled to stand, noting how dark it had gotten in the process, and hissed, "Who's out there?"
      Something More


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