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User:ahh_its_kate (736444)
AOL IM:kissmekate516 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:i am a banana. no, i'm not. but i am the random asshole whose life you read about daily. who am i, you ask? what a question. i am dramatic. i see my life as if it were a movie. i live and breathe in the moment, few people actually do that. i have had the same 5 best friends since elementary school, with a few more added along the way. i used to live in new york. sometimes i wish i still did. but then i see the fall up here and i wish for nothing more. i believe that life is about enjoyment. not success, or money..but enjoyment. laughter is my favorite. it's been said that my smile is completely genuine. this is true. i stand up for what i believe in. i am a liberal. i enjoy emo. it makes me happy, contrary to popular belief. sometimes i cry-but only in desperate situations. only 2 movies have made me cry in my lifetime. and one episode of Dawson's Creek. i am very very skinny. i am also short, although the rest of my mum's side of the family is under 5'2. i used to play sports. then everyone got better, and i didnt. so i act. and i do so with a lot of enthusiasm. i enjoy being the center of attention. i'll admit it. i'm totally open about that fact. i have many enemies-many of which i have never spoken to. i also have a younger sister-emily. my parents are two of the most bi-polar people on the planet. it has been both confirmed and denied that i look like natalie portman. i kind of think i do. many of my friends are leaving me in 2005. and it makes me sadder and sadder with each passing day. i used to ride horses. i even went to pony camp. i can walk on my knees in yoga position. i make friends easily. i love the 80's. and the 90's. i've gotten drunk once. my favorite season is the fall. the happiest place on earth is Disney World. i would love to travel europe. my mum thinks we will get blown up if we do so. i'm lazy. i like to sleep and watch tv. although, i have little time anymore. i am constantly teased. i own 3 push-up bras. my favorite holiday is christmas. i want to live in new york city when i get older. i want to be on broadway. i cannot sing pop songs. i dont listen to the radio. i attended catholic school for 1 year. i hated it. i love to hang out with boys. i talk entirely too much. i want to be penny lane from almost famous. minus the stomach pumping. it's been said i am smart. i didnt get into NHS. i am the most free-spirited thinker in my english class. i adore thrift stores. i am italian. i eat entirely too much. and it's never good for me. i work at an ice cream shop and an italian resteraunt. i have a weakness for skinny boys with shaggy hair. i have a jackalope. taking pictures makes me smile. i want to learn how to snowboard. and play guitar. i love to sing. my mum and i fight a lot. i cant think well on my feet. i love awkward. i have a serious obsession with showtunes and musicals. and teen magazines. i love the OC. i love high school. it is far too easy and entertaining. we have pirates and rednecks at my school. my friends make me laugh. i wouldnt trade them for anything. life is beautiful. dont ever lose hope. things will always work out in the end. i promise.

it's not a movie, no private screening. this method acting, i call that living..
Interests:85: accents, adam brody, artists, bad jokes, baked goods, banditos, being straightedge, billy joel, bright eyes, cabarets, carnies, chapstick, chick flicks, clay aiken, coheed and cambria, dancing, dashboard confessional, denise austin, drama, emo kids, enchiladas, fall out boy, falling down, garden state, grind, happiness, heart to hearts, hellogoodbye, high school, hugh jackman, ihop, impromptu sing-alongs, improv, infectious pop tunes, italian food, jimmy fallon, lollipops, lyrics, making out, margaritas, my friends, natalie portman, new found glory, new york city, old school movies, parties, patrick fugit, pirates, plain white t's, pop culture, quasi-illegal activities, rednecks, repeating myself, rise against, rocky horror, saves the day, scremo, shiney things, showtunes, sign-stealing, singing, skaters, snl, sno caps, snowboarding, something corporate, song-writing, stars, story of the year, stupid movies, sugarcult, summer, taking back sunday, the ataris, the early november, the juliana theory, the oc, the starting line, the word "stellar", theatre, throwin elbows, todd almond, trash can fights, yellowcard, your mom
Friends:10: bee17jay, brodwy87, buttercupbyday, diamondalex, itsaforshort, lunchboxlemur, mostawesomest, sturgis, wickedgodess, _wench_
Friend of:8: bee17jay, brodwy87, itsaforshort, mostawesomest, parisianpolly, sturgis, wickedgodess, _wench_
Account type:Free User

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