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Below is user information for a heart to my knife. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:ahearttomyknife (662747)  
Name:a heart to my knife
Location:louisville, Kentucky, United States
AOL IM:redpaperheart (Add Buddy, Send Message)
"she breaks hearts and that's why we love her..."
Interests:120: *mr. andrew*, 16 horsepower, 45 mercs, abstract expressionism, aloha, anchors, andy warhol, at the drive-in, audrey hepburn, band shirts, basquiat, bedhead, bike riding, bikes, black, black eyes, blahblahblah, bmx, boys with messy hair, boys with strong noses, braid, bright eyes, brmc, cheap cd's, chicago, city lights, climbing trees, cnn, cowboy bebop, cutting my own hair, dada, dancing until you sweat, dead meadow. glass candy, death cab for cutie, eye patches, fashion, getting mail, gore, graphic design, halloween, hand holding, hipbones, holy fallout, horror, horror/gore, hot hot heat, iggy and the stooges, indie rock, interpol, japanese candy, jason schwartzman, jonathan fire*eater, kiss face, late night conversations, laughing too loud, le shok, lipstickparty, louisville, lucero, makeoutclub, making clothes, making you smile, manowar, maryjanes, mc5, metal, minneapolis, mod, motley crue, neutral milk hotel, nick cave/the birthday party, old rolling stones, old sad songs, park ave, pavement, philly, photography, pirates, pointy shoes, polaroids, pop art, pulp, q and not u, red, road trips, robots, rock and roll baby, rushmore, ryan adams, screamo, shaking my ass, skulls, slayer, song of zarathustra, spin the bottle, stabstabstab, superdrag, suprise phone calls, sushi, syd barrett, tattoos, the 1950's, the blood brothers, the buzzcocks, the kinks, the refused/(i)nc, the rise, the simpsons, the who, thrift stores, throatpunch, trail of dead, train stations, varga girls, velvet underground, vintage dresses, vortex zine, wes anderson, whiskey, x.
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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