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User:aglauros (140652)
Website:Imago Quotidianus
Location:United States
AOL IM:phyrry (Add Buddy, Send Message)
ICQ UIN: 1210326 (Add User, Send Message)
The New Revised Short Version

Currently inactive on Blurty; actively posting as phyrry at LiveJournal.

The [Old] Short Version

I live. I exist. (Maybe.)

This journal exists as a record of who I am. I write to myself for the future, to remember who I am now, where I came from, and where I thought I was going.

Whoever you might be, you are welcome to read along.

The [Old] Long Version

I yam what I yam. Student, daughter, opinionated and a loner. I'm in my fourth year out of six as an undergraduate at a growing state university in the northwestern US, majoring in electrical engineering and physics and minoring in materials science and applied mathematics. I am also the queen of the run-on sentence, but if C. Iulius Caesar could get away with it, I figure I've got a pretty good chance too.

I push away the people I care for most. I have anger and angst and apathy problems, but I'm working on them. If I believe in anything it is the ultimate unknowableness of how the universe actually works, and a while back I found this thing called 'chaos magic' that fits my view of life to a tee. It was rather odd, actually, to run across Spare and Carroll just at that point in my life, as I had just shortly before come into an acceptance that I defied categorization of religion, that I was faithless, and that trying further at this point would be, well, pointless. Now I read and study all that I can, but I would give anything to have wonder and energy and caring again. Anything, it seems, but the comfort that apathy brings, the rotten sort of comfort that only a fear of failure can breed. But I am learning nevertheless. It will be slow, it might be miserable, but I grow. I lurk on urbanpagan, faerie_tales, and dreamwork, but so far I have been disappointed by the lack of involvement on the first two and the quality of involvement on the third.

There are other facets to me -- there are other facets to everyone. I have grown distant from my family since the death of my father, but have recently been patching that up.

Hobbies-wise, I am an active Neopian thanks to Amber, a sophmore at my university from my home town who has converted most of our shared social group to Neopets. In turn, I spread the wealth by luring in Judy and my significant other, Ninjirou, and by now it has become our secondary meeting point. I also converse with friends by AIM, where I go by phyrry.

Lifestyle issues also exist. I haven't eaten red meat for six years. I generally cook vegetarian or vegan, especially since a friend of mine who gives me anime is vegan and I generally cook for our group's anime nights. Thus far, I've been somewhat active on veggies but have not found a lot of good food tips. veganrecipes looks interesting, but I haven't had enough time to make up my mind as to how I feel about it yet. :) While I eat to live, I enjoy eating immensely, especially since I fast often.

As I write this, I am in the process of moving out of the dormitory I have spent the last four years in, which is undergoing construction at the moment, and into a three-bedroom apartment with the aforementioned Judy. How this newest lifestyle change will affect me is unclear, but I look forward to something different, which life with Judy certainly will be.

Suggestions are always welcome, as long as they are phrased politely and spelled correctly.
Interests:113: adult, aikido, altmer, anger, anime, apathy, argonian, arisugawa juri, atom splicing, battle angel alita, biking, cacti, carbon, chaos magic, chaote, child, communication, computers, connection, cooking, death, dracaena, dragons, dreams, duality, dunmer, dwemer, electrical engineering, electricity, electronics, engineering, engineers, enrico fermi, fantasy, fear, ferns, fey, food, foolishness, fractured fairy tales, ghosts, grief, himemiya anshii, himura kenshin, history, ieee, ivy, karate, kendo, life, magi, martial arts, materials, meatless, miyamoto musashi, more morrowind, morrowind, multiplicities, mushroom cloud, music, mythology, nanotechnology, nature, neverwinter nights, night, nikola tesla, no red meat, odd, orbital, pain, paladin, philosophy, physics, plants, psychologists, psychology, reading, religion, roleplaying, rurouni kenshin, sandman, science fiction, scientific journals, scientists, shinohara wakaba, shock, shotokan, shoujo kakumei utena, silicon, singularity, sleep, sonoda keiko, space, stars, strange, sushi, swordwork, taoism, tenjou utena, terror, terror management theory, triplicity, vegan, vegans, vegetarian, vegetarians, walking, weird, wisdom, women in science, wonder, yoga, zap
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Account type:Early Adopter

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